Sitting down to write a blog post can be daunting. It's hard to know what to say, how to get your point across, or how many words to use. Tons of questions swirl around in bloggers minds when they are trying to get started. So here is a little tutorial on how to construct an effective blog post.

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How To Write A Blog Post for Beginners (And Even Experienced Bloggers)

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For bloggers, nothing's more terrifying than that blinking cursor at the top of a blank page. That's why I've gathered ten tips for getting past that blank page anxiety and writing the perfect blog post.

Running a blog for the past eight years has taught me what works, what doesn't, and the kinds of things readers crave from your writing. In this episode, I'm sharing my time-tested advice for common blogging hurdles like picking the perfect topic, letting go of writing insecurities, working with keywords, and leaving your readers better off than they were before.

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