Build Your Own Website: A Comic Guide to HTML, CSS, and WordPress

Build Your Own Website is a fun, illustrated introduction to the basics of creating a website. Join Kim and her little dog Tofu as she learns HTML, the language of web pages, and CSS, the language used to style web pages, from the Web Guru and Glinda, the Good Witch of CSS.

Once she figures out the basics, Kim travels to WordPress City to build her first website, with Wendy, the WordPress Maven, at her side. They take control of WordPress® themes, install useful plugins, and more.

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Develop a basic responsive blog in html and css

This video is meant for beginners that wish to know the basics of web design from scratch.
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The 6th video in our HTML5 Tutorial series. Here, I show you how to build the semantic structure of a blog.

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Simple cloud hosting, built for developers.:
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Hello, This tutorial is a series of tutorials which will help you to easily convert html template into blogger template. Before going for design you need to have basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, Javascript & jQuery.

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Theme :

How to create design blogger template theme from scratch
Coding blogger template tutorial part - 1
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If you ever wanted to make a website, starting off can be confusing. David creates a website using Notepad along with HTML and CSS right in front of your eyes. This video isn't as much as a tutorial as it is a visual display of how websites are made.

Music by Dan-O at

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This is a quick video on how to customize your blogger blog through the help of html and other tricks on the blogspot backend to achieve the clean modern look. Go to for more detailed information!

As we know that Joomla is a Content Management System that enables us to create our feature websites. Mostly it is used in for business purposes to create online stores and it is also used in other business related such as magazine style blogs, in social networks for staff and client base, also used in personal websites, corporate website, blogs, forums, online communities and for easy usage and flexibility as it does not required any technical knowledge. One can easily create, modify and delete content. Joomla is one such CMS, which is used to design both websites and blogs.

Need to convert your HTML to Joomla Website

Converting HTML to the Joomla platform can help you save time, effort, and make managing your website easy. Joomla is comprised of experts when it comes to converting HTML code to fully functional Joomla based web properties. But by the help of Joomla templates, user interactive features like feedbacks, testimonials and forms can be implemented. There are various advantages and features for why to convert HTML to Joomla websites as they are follows:

 New look for your website can be created easily within a few minutes by using template feature
Edit/Change/Delete website menu, Content pages, images and much more
Easy changes of modules
To assign a different looks for various pages
Using Joomla user management one can provide different users with different privileges

Infyways Solution is a registered web development and a reputed web designing company established in the year since 2007. We have been offering best quality HTML to Joomla services to our clients across the globes. We will also configure your new Joomla website similar to your existing html site. Apart from ensuring satisfactory HTML to Joomla template services, we also provide state of the art support. Our 24x7 online supports through mails and chat, is counted among the best. Some of the major highlights of our HTML to Joomla template conversion services currently offered are:

HTML to Joomla template
Joomla template design from scratch
HTML to Joomla template conversion
Converting Joomla template to HTML
HTML to Joomla websites

Of course if you are looking to convert your HTML to Joomla template conversion service provider, then look no further. Request a quote today and avail any of the above HTML to Joomla template conversion services. All you have to do is mail us your HTML file which is to be converted.

Mark William is a Joomla and Magento expert working as a international sales manager and technical writer with Infyways solution, an offshore development company, HTML  to Joomla is the best service of infyways solutions Pvt.Ltd

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