Picture these three scenarios:

You are at a costume party in a room full of strangers. You are dressed as an 18th Century dandy; you've studied the mannerisms, have affected the perfect accent and you charm every partygoer you meet. Beneath the facade, outside the realm of this party you may be a banker, a steel worker or an unemployed poet but here and now you are Monsieur Baudelaire, the fop who speaks of temperament and style as the be-all and end-all of a meaningful existence.

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 You are at work where you are always the no-nonsense professional, respected by peers and underlings and depended upon by your manager to perform your tasks with skill, technical proficiency and a pleasant demeanor -- an expectation that is hardly ever unmet.

You are at an informal get together with family, close friends and neighbors; you talk about sports, literature and fashion with people who know you and who understand your opinions, your quirks and your few flaws -- there is no facade, no pretense, you are unabashedly you!

These scenarios that represent three versions of you in the real world are also three (of many) approaches you can take to presenting yourself to your readers in the virtual world, through your blog: as a character of your creation, as the professional at whatever you do, or as the real, unadulterated you, complete with flaws. Your blog and your blogger persona are your creations and are limited only by your choices. Consider also that whatever it is you write, in whatever form, even if it is spoof or satire, it will be considered by your readers as an expression of your true feelings.

People express themselves in many ways and for a growing number of people the need for some sort of public expression of thoughts, feelings, style or creative expression is filled by blogging. Expressing your thoughts in written words, however, is not as simple a task as it may seem to be; many people, in fact, find that it can take hours to accurately transfer the most seemingly simple thoughts to the written word. Thoughts and feelings do not require the organization or structure that is required by the expression of those thoughts and feelings.

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 Some things that make the task of expressing yourself through your writing much easier are improving your grammar, improving your vocabulary and practice, practice, practice.

Grammar! As a rule you should always write to your audience -- they are the ones who need to understand you. Perfection may be necessary when you are writing for an audience of scholars and grammarians who require it but, regardless of your audience, the better your grammar the better you will be understood and the easier it will be for you to transfer those thoughts to paper. There are literally hundreds of English grammar guides available online and very reasonable English grammar guides available in bookstores; good grammar is a tool you will never regret learning to use.

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5 Tips To Make Blogging Easy

This will help you whether you are in University of Internet Science or not.

Many bloggers find it difficult to blog regularly. On the other hand, other bloggers find it easy to blog everyday.

As you are aware, for your blogging to be effective, you will need to add fresh content to your blog on a regular basis. This article presents five tips that you can use to make blogging easy.

1. Write your blog content in advance and save it so that it's ready to be posted everyday. When you have time to write, try to write enough blog content that will be enough for several days or for the whole week. You can write and save your blog posts on your blog, and all you have to do is to publish the posts everyday. This means that on those days when you do not have the time to write, you can still post fresh content on your blog using the blog posts you would have saved.
2. Blog about a wide range of things that relate to your niche. Think about any information relating to your niche which your website visitors will be interested in seeing on your blog. Identify the sub-niches in your niche and write about those as well. You should never run out of ideas on what to blog about.
3. Invite your blog visitors to leave some comments relating to your posts and your niche. This is an easy way of getting unique content on your website. The more interaction you allow on your blog, the more content you will have on your blog.
4. Research and look for the key questions and issues that people in your niche are interested in, and provide information that addresses those questions on your blog. Look in the relevant forums for the hot topics that people are asking, and provide answers to these questions on your blog. This will make your blog useful to your visitors because it will have information which your visitors are looking for. This gives you a wide range of topics that you can blog about.
5. Use PLR content, customize it and make it unique and break it into blog posts. It is essential that you make the PLR content very unique otherwise you will be penalized for duplicate content. Using PLR content as a starting point for your blog posts means that you will be able to create blog content easily and quickly.

Use these five tips outlined above to make blogging easy. The more you blog, the more traffic you drive to your website.

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Michelangelo Lopez is the founder of "University of Internet Science" membership site and "Click the Mouse to a Bigger House" Blog.
He also creates "Niche Ad Generator" software. He lives in New Tampa, Florida with his wife and 2 children.

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How Blogging Brings Fame: Becoming Famous and Successful Through Your Blogs

This will help you whether you are in University of Internet Science or not.

If you have a knack for writing and if people loves
what you write about but you can't find a publisher
that wants to publish what you write, you have to try
out the internet. You have to consider the fact that
writing can make you famous. If you think that you are
good enough, then you should try writing blogs. Ever
since blogging craze began, there were a lot of people
who began opening up their own blog sites and a few of
them have become famous. So, how does blogging bring

First of all, because you will be posting what you
write on blogging websites, it can be easily accessed
by a lot of people. This is the internet. With
millions of people logging in each day, there is a
great chance that someone will come across your blogs.

If you are seeking fame and be known as a great
writer, then positing what you write on blogging
websites is the cheapest way to do so. It is also one
of the easiest ways to become famous in the internet.

To start writing blogs, you first need to create a
blogging website. Today, there are quite a lot of
websites that hosts blogging for free. Sign up with
one of these websites and begin posting your blogs.

Basically, blogs are known to be journals. Think of it
as writing your day to day activities and experiences
and letting people know about it. However, you can
absolutely write about anything in blogs. It can be
facts or you can also write fictional short stories.
Or, you can do a mix of both.

The great thing about blogging is that you absolutely
have complete freedom on whatever you want to write
about. However, you have to take care in avoiding
offending someone. Racial discrimination and other
hate messages is prohibited as well as pornographic

Now that you posted your very first blog, the next
thing to do is sit back and wait for readers to come
across your blog and begin reading it. You don't
actually need to advertise as the people who read it
will be the ones that will advertise for you. If you
are good enough, then they will leave a comment on
what they think about your blogs and they will also
recommend it to their family and friends as a good

The secret in becoming successful and famous in blogs
is the content of what you write. It should be
interesting and easy to read. Try catching people's
attention on the very first sentence. Once you catch
their attention, they will become interested enough to
read the entire blog.

This is the secret to becoming famous in blogging and
gain a lot of loyal readers.

Try to update your blogging website on a daily basis.

If you really don't have something to write about and
you have a normal, routine life, try adding a little
spice to it. You don't actually need to lie but you
can always bend the truth behind your so called
escapades. Exaggerate a little and also add a little

You have to remember that readers don't really want to
know about your day to day activities. They want
excitement. You don't actually need to tell the
readers details about your daily life, but what you
need to do is get them to use their imagination.

These are some of the tips that you might want to
remember when writing blogs. With these tips, you can
be sure that your blogging website will bring you

This helped Michelangelo Lopez with University of Internet Science.Call him at 8133168770.

Michelangelo Lopez is the founder of "University of Internet Science" membership site and "Click the Mouse to a Bigger House" Blog.
He also creates "Niche Ad Generator" software. He lives in New Tampa, Florida with his wife and 2 children.

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I think almost everyone has heard of blogging by now. However, what most bloggers do not understand is everything a blog can bring to an Internet marketing business. Let's take a look at a few ways you can use this to put your Internet marketing advertising into overdrive. See why this technique is like an enhancer on your internet marketing advertising.

Almost everyone in the internet world has heard of blogging by now. But most probably bloggers do not understand everything a blog can bring to an Internet marketing business. Look at these several technique you can use in blogging.

Search engines love blogs because of the fresh content they bring to the World Wide Web. Search engines are constantly looking for new content to provide for their searchers. Because blogs are so easy to update they are very easy to add new content to. Once you get a search engine coming to your blog the potential traffic from ranking a blog article high on a search engine is unbelievable. Internet marketers who can see all the search engine traffic in their site statistics almost immediately began to increase their blog efforts. Obviously the more articles you have going into your blog the more search engines can spider them and reward you.

Social bookmarking a blog article to the top social directories is a fast way to get your blog article crawled by the search engines. We are talking about highly visited social directories such as Technorati, Digg, and Stumbleupon. Search engines are going to social directories all day long looking for new content. When they find your blog article link pointing back to your blog they will follow that and consider it for a high ranking on their search engine. For some reason many bloggers do not bookmark their blog posts to the top directories. If you want to put your advertising on steroids bookmark these articles to as many social directories as you possibly can.

A really good blog is one that provides useful content to its readers. If you can write this kind of content, or hire someone to do it for you, you can develop a loyal group of people who will come back to your blog on a consistent basis. This kind of repeat traffic is where you began to cultivate relationships with your readers and ultimately increase your income. People can bookmark your blog, subscribe to your RSS feed, receive updates via email, and so on. When you reach this level with your blog you will get all kinds of free marketing advertising most bloggers can only dream about.

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