Maintaining a consistent blog posting schedule is vital to be able to not just create traffic but to keep existing viewers satisfied as properly. Typically times however time, a lack of writing strategies or merely life ‘events’ can make it tough to compose blog entries your viewers may well come across worth their whilst to watch. If you get into a ‘funk’ like this, it can affect not only your creativity but your motivation as effectively. What do you to ‘snap’ out of it and get yourself back on track?

Here are 3 suggestions you may use to come up with new writing suggestions or merely change your perspectives when these challenges make it challenging for you to compose any worthwhile blog entries.

Article Much more Infrequently

Certainly one of the initial things to think about when that you are stuck for composing suggestions may perhaps be that you’re obtaining burnt out? Now don’t panic given that an uncomplicated adjustment to your posting schedule can quickly do the trick and put that pep again into your step! Try easing again on the frequencies of your respective blog entries and give by yourself some breathing room. This will likely not only assist to re-energize your approach but additionally give viewers far better high quality content to view as a result!

Be Brief

Yet another place to look at will be the length of your respective posts mainly because composing longer blog entries takes much more time and power. Are you guilty in this location simply because if you will be than try shortening your entries. By performing so you may perhaps quite well come across you’ve got much more energy which usually helps to boost your creative abilities. Another benefit may possibly be that your audience can now view just certainly one of your posts in a single sitting, just kidding! But seriously, a longer post may perhaps be more hard and less convenient for your visitors to watch.

New Angle – Similar Subject

When stumped for new writing tips, go again and review old blog entries to see where you may pick up on an ‘old’ publish and take it in a ‘new’ direction. In reality most of one’s postings can possibly benefit from further explanation considering that much detail and depth is generally left out. How can you possibly cover a topic comprehensively with just a single article?

A new angle on this similar approach is always to appear at your most well-known entries and work with them in this manner given that you already know people today liked them! A different quick note here is always to NOT ignore comments left given that they alone offer several ideas/suggestions upon which you’ll be able to base your next post!

There’s little doubt that blog posting may be the most vital and demanding aspect of any blogging platform. It’s common for several bloggers nonetheless to occasionally lack the writing concepts or necessary inspiration to create worthwhile blog entries. The discussion above offers three recommendations that will enable to give new life to your posting efforts. In doing so you’ll be able to then continue to not simply create traffic but also meet the expectations of one’s current viewers as properly!

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Hello everyone, and welcome to my first ever Youtube Video *gulp*. This has been a very long time in the making, I have watched/obsessed over Beauty/Fashion/Lifestyle vloggers for years and years but have always been far too scared to make a video myself. Today I finally grew some balls and published a video, and I really hope you enjoy it 🙂

This video is basically a daily vlog showing you the life of a - newbie - full time blogger. Of course, whilst a lot of days are just like this, there are also just as many "at home" - i.e totally boring for you to watch - days where I spend 16hours + on my computer, writing posts, editing, emails with PR's, negotiating sponsored posts etc. So obviously bear in mind that not every day is like this.

Boring stuff over, here are links to where else you can find me/what I was wearing/all that boring shiz 😉

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Top - Boohoo
Jeans - American Eagle*
Shoes - Primark (identical here )
Watch - Daniel Wellington Via ASOS
Makeup - as seen in the video
Nails - Essie Daiquiri

Camera - Canon 7D
Lens - Canon 24 - 70mm f/2.8

Disclaimer: This is not a paid for video. I am extremely lucky that I very kindly get sent some PR Samples/Clothing to try out for my blog, any items sent to me for free will be marked with an asterisk *.

For business enquiries, please email
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Dre Drexler Frank & Oak Haul + Review:
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Hey guys! Today I wanted to do a haul + review on Frank & Oak and show how I apply their products to my life. Frank & Oak has been one of my favorite online shops and in this video you will definitely see why! Let me know your thoughts in a comment below and please give this video a Thumbs Up!!

Thanks guys!
Mad Love, -Dre

Items shown in Video:

Park Leather Low-Top Sneaker in Black -

Cotton Twill and Leather Classic Backpack in Charcoal -

13 inch Cotton Canvas Macbook sleeve in Black -

Pomme Frites Soy Candle Summer Breeze -

Reed Skinny Stretch Denim in Dark Grey -

And here is the Promo-Code (spend 0 or more and receive 20% off your order, does not apply to sale section, gift cards, subscription & wholesale): DREXLER20

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Song: KYLI - ME & U - Click Here To Read The Article Top Ten Men's Style Blogs of 2016

Video Summary:
1:29 - Citeria used to break down each and every one of the blogs on men’s style
1:59 - #10 George Hahn
2:12 - #9 He Spoke Style
2:32 - #8 Masculine Style
2:55 - #7 Permanent Style
3:17 - #6 FashionBeans
3:29 - #5 Articles of Style
3:57 - #4 I Am Alpha M.
4:13 - #3 Effortless Gent
4:48 - StyleCon 2016
4:53 - #2 Dappered
5:20 - Honorable Mention - Art of Manliness, Ask Andy About Clothes, Men Style Forum at Reddit, Style Girlfriend, Ashley Weston, Primer Magazine
6:36 - #1 Watch the video 🙂
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A video showing a typical week day in our household. Busy busy!


I am a UK based blogger who blogs and vlogs about all things pregnancy, parenting, lifestyle, beauty and fashion related! We are a little family of three who like to document our daily goings on as well as help other parents out with our video reviews of products we find useful and love.

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Mom Blogs About Her Autistic Son Before Throwing Him Off A Bridge ft. David So

1 - Toy Story News -

2 - Fucked Up Parenting News -


Special Thanks to Our Guest & Friend:
David So (@davidsocomedy)
Twitter: @DavidSoComedy

Hosted by Julia Chow (@xblueapplez)
Commentary by David So (@davidsocomedy), Joe Jo (@joverdose), Bart Kwan (@bartkwan), Geo Antoinette (@Geo_Antoinette), Tommy Trinh (@TomTTrinh)

Edited by Sean Nguyen (Twitter: @SeanDNguyen)
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Creating a Diabetes Blog is perhaps of the ways for a newly diagnosed diabetic to deal with the changes in his life. There are also several blog sites intended for these people that caters to the different aspects of their lives -- nutrition, medication, social life among others. Living through life as a diabetic has definitely it's ups and down since no matter how you are very careful with what you eat, your blood sugar levels still have a tendency to shoot up or plunge real low. Proper medications must be administered and the best place to share these sentiments is through creative writing.
Not all people have the gift of writing but setting up a blog page that houses necessary information to give some ease to other diabetics as well. One will not even have the chance to experience Diabetes in the eyes of another person; it must be experienced first hand basis. These people who have either recently succumbed to the disease or may have been battling for years are the best persons to start sharing their accounts so that other people can learn from them. Starting a small community of believers is one of the good points when one makes his Diabetes Blog.
There are other Diabetes blog sites that even contain a daily journal in the life of a diabetic. Here, the reader can even compare his unsweetened life with others as well as the blogger and check if he's actually doing better in this battle. On a sad note, even though there are millions of adults suffering from Diabetes, even babies can acquire it through their mothers who may have encountered Gestation Diabetes. Although sugar levels drop only for the mother and not harm the unborn child, there are still chances that diabetes could be passed on through the genes. Unfortunately, Diabetes is a hereditary disease.
An online journal or diary can reach millions of people across the globe. Through blogging, one can unleash pain and fears as he battles the 5th deadliest disease known to be attacking more and more people in America today.

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