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Have you ever heard about "Like" button? This one really makes a revolution in web community. Millions of websites and blogs are now using it on their webs. It is launched by Facebook. But now, I'm not talking about the "Like" links under each status update - I want to mention to the "Like" buttons appeared on every websites or blogs across the internet.


The Like buttons on websites and blogs have the same meaning as they do on Facebook; they allow us to tell the world that we like certain content we find on the web. When we click on a Like button the information is transmitted over to Facebook and integrated into our profiles.


Here's what I did to try it out. I went to to watch Betty White's hilarious Saturday Night Live opening monologue. I posted a comment about Betty and after I clicked the Like button my comment was pushed into my Facebook status update news feed. Then I went over to and found an old movie I liked. Here I just clicked the Like button, without posting a comment, and the movie title was added to my list of favorites in the movie section of my Facebook profile.


All this means that you can Like something on another site, share it with your friends and also see which of your friends Liked the same thing. Some sites have incorporated an app which shows a mini Facebook feed with your friends photos (you have to be logged into Facebook in order to see this feature).


For me, embedding the Like button on my website was easier to manage than on my WordPress blog (which still doesn't have one). Seems not all blogs and blog templates are created equal. You might have to connect with the Help center for your particular blog.


The Like button has brought up, once again, the issue of privacy. Facebook co-founder and CEO, Marc Zuckerberg stated that "Facebook won't share any individual user data with web sites that implement the 'Like' button, but may share aggregate data like how many people 'Liked' an item." According to, "Facebook is making it easier for companies to access personal data, though Zuckerberg implied that only the data users' makes public in their privacy settings will be shared."

I guess, for now, we'll have to trust that it won't be an issue.


What are your feelings about the Like button? Will you be embedding this feature on your website or blog? Are you more, or less, likely to click a Like button on a site external from Facebook?


Eydie Stumpf is a Virtual Assistant and New Media Consultant based in Corona, California who specializes in creating an Internet presence for business owners and entrepreneurs using social media and e-mail marketing platforms. She is a weekly columnist for The Business Press in Southern California as well as a speaker, trainer and e-book author. Eydie is an independent, certified trainer with Constant Contact - facilitating workshops on "The Power of Email Marketing". Visit her websites at and sign up for her weekly e-blast to receive her e-book, "5 Keys to Effective Email Marketing".

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