Blog that just before the vent personal feelings or an expression of individual value orientation, but to enter in 2009, more and more enterprises to the value of the development blog, the blog also will change, it seems a kind of slow corrosion "naive", the blog is controlled by business, play a special role, which is: "cheap brand promotion tool."

Peak network management that: the brand of SMEs Marketing The lack of means, resulting in an important blog, but medium-sized enterprises are considered: how low-cost to complete the beauty of Butterfly brand awareness, all the companies are trying, is continuing research and try.

Known how light the torch Enterprises of different industries, especially SMEs, in determining the implementation of this tool through the blog network marketing, the better to advance to form a complete program and process. For most SMEs, there are three kinds of paths to choose from:

First strategy can be incorporated into the charge of marketing, marketing or brand communications responsibilities in the department, by the department is responsible for strategy design, creativity, development and implementation, which will require specific planning and implementation team such as planners, writers, designers, programmers, media, web promoter, posted hands;

The second strategy is to commission an external professional online marketing service provider, so that business can not have dependents, saving long-term labor costs, third-party professional services, blog marketing approach to blog marketing company is actually outsourced to professional companies to operate. From Coca-Cola And other large enterprises, and other related blog marketing strategy blog marketing practice and application models can be seen, blog marketing services, market opportunities are becoming apparent, blog marketing as an independent third party professional services are proven to be feasible.

Third strategy is the enterprise can set up a? 2 mini-team, responsible for marketing planning and organizing the implementation, and concrete work is to organize some blog post master and part-time hand, network promotion, freelance writer to do.

But in any case, they can not leave the blog to develop marketing plans, select a blog service platform, design blog topic, insisted blog original writing, an occasion to other blog resources, join the blog group, access to such blog channels Editor's Choice. To be able to spread brand awareness torch lit, first and foremost is to improve blog traffic up, but to improve blog traffic, we need to blog to promote. Operation in the blog to promote links with the following key points, which had been done on several key points, in general, a daily blog visits in thousands growth is no problems. For example I recently took over the team led by a few blog promotion cases, one month to achieve 200 000 visits, is also very easy to do. Through this promotion, many people not only know the blogger, also known blogger in the company, also known blogger in the project, to achieve a well-known shape of the "triple win" situation.

I like He Kaibo First choice of blog platform, in general, the establishment of an independent self-domain official blog, "face" stronger than "brand communication" role. To disseminate as widely as possible through the blog brand awareness, more or to visit with other large sites, such as Sina blog, Sohu blog, Netease blog, QQZone so. But the company is best not to blog based on a blog platform, in order to avoid restricted.

Followed by the design topic, create a dialogue environment to attract the audience views, inspire the audience, after reading reviews. If self-communication, it would be better. This link has several key composition is the subject of a design that is what we plan to provide information through the blog and share any ideas, dissemination of what thought, what comments published; the other is from a good title, the title got up attractive to attract more users to click. The third is the long-term adherence

original writing, preferably one day or one every two days, continued for months, can occur at any time a popular event for the comment, or you can set your own unique theories and perspectives also for some well-known enterprises, famous people, famous brands to make some comments, of course, can also reveal some exclusive news, creative direction can be diverse.

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Hey friends! Today's video features a blog management spread and I'll go through how to use a bullet journal for your business. Bullet journals can be really useful for bloggers, vloggers, social media manager, and business owners and I wanted to show y'all that aspect of my bullet journal! Thank you for watching! Make sure to give this video a thumbs up and subscribe!

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Hey guys! I'm Carrie and I'm a lifestyle blogger/vlogger who loves all things healthy living, makeup, and DIY. On this channel you'll find videos about makeup, bullet journaling, and healthy living!
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Most avid bloggers can use any sort of time management tips they can find since blog posting alone can take hours! Because content creation is so crucial to your success it is important to make the best use of time when developing and posting your writing ideas.

Here are 3 simple tips you can use to better coordinate your efforts and increase your blog posting efficiency! while minimizing how long it takes you to do so!

Stockpile Ideas

Instead of sitting in front of your computer trying to create new writing ideas for your posting, capture ideas as they come to you throughout the course of your day. In this way you will not be trying to 'force' yourself to be creative thereby making the content creation process longer and more frustrating! You will be amazed at how many ideas come to you if you pay attention and are prepared to take note of them when you are engaged in other activities! Now you can simply pull from any ideas you have previously 'stockpiled' enabling you to make the best use of time when you sit down at your keyboard and prepare to write.

Plan Your Post

Avoid when you can, being impulsive as to when you decide to either compose your updates or post them to your site. These are two completely different processes, one being creative and the other involves editing and formatting, but both can be time consuming. By separating these tasks you will find yourself 'fresher' and less stressed or frustrated which will result in you being more efficient and productive. By doing both, but separately, on a planned schedule you will know better what to expect when you sit down to complete these tasks allowing you to better manage them!

Stage Your Post

Instead of sitting down to post your updates to your blog in one session, allow yourself the opportunity to simply 'save' your update without actually publishing it live. Do this before you intend to publish it so that when you do, you can review it one last time, and without haste, to make any corrections or add any links.

What you are doing here is breaking down the entire process, starting with developing new writing ideas, into smaller and more manageable tasks allowing you to make better use of time. Trying to pull the entire process together in one sitting opens the door for too many last minute and unexpected snafus. This will only increase the time invested and your frustration as well!

Any time management tips that focus on the content creation process will offer the biggest benefits to any blogger in terms of them making the best use of time. Quite simply blog posting is critical to the  success of the site. Finding and developing new writing ideas is therefore ongoing and can take hours but it must be done. The 3 tips offered above focus on this very important aspect of blogging and serve to help you learn to simply better coordinate your efforts. In doing so you can save yourself hours along with the frustration and stress that sometimes accompany maintaining your blog posting schedule!

TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina. To learn more about time management tips that work great for bloggers and to also receive a free instructional manual that teaches valuable niche research techniques simply visit:

Blog Management for Lawyers | Attorneys | Law Firms

Blog Management for Lawyers | | Blog Management for Attorneys Blog Management Modern blogs provide numerous marketing advan...
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