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How to start a blog, get traffic and turn readers into paying clients


▶ 0:20 - Introduction
▶ 2:20 - Summit 1: Content topics that attract readers
▶ 6:05 - Research strategies for finding "golden" content topics
▶ 23:20 - Summit 2: 4 Long-term traffic strategies
▶ 29:30 - Blog traffic strategy #1: Reddit
▶ 34:18 - Blog traffic strategy #2: Guest blog
▶ 45:40 - Blog traffic strategy #3: YouTube traffic
▶ 53:45 - Blog traffic strategy #4: FB group alignment
▶ 1:01:00 - Summit 3: How to turn traffic into clients
▶ 1:04:30 - Strategic blog posts conversion method
▶ 1:12:16 - Strategic e-mail followup conversion method
▶ 1:18:00 - What to do now


Learn more:

▶ Create captivating and persuasive content for driving traffic and turning site visitors into paying customers

▶ Sell more products online with Advanced Copywriting Strategies

▶ Write self-selling nonfiction book in 3 days

▶ Build a long-term profiting book publishing business


If you are a:

- Freelancer
- Coach, consultant
- Solopreneur

Then this training is going to..

Show you the step-by-step process to coming up with your client-attracting content ideas, driving traffic to your blog and monetizing your traffic. This video tutorial will not be like any other tutorial you've seen before online since you will not get tactical advice like "share your blog on social media often" or "use cool plugins and apps". The methods taught in this tutorial is the step-by-step strategic approach to help you gain the initial "traction" for your blog. In other words, you will be able to attract your initial tribe of readers and get them to engage in your content.

3 Summits covered in this video:

Summit 1: How to find engaging, reader-attracting content ideas
Summit 2: How to drive traffic to your blog
Summit 3: How to monetize your blog and turn readers into clients
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► Q: Any advice for people working 7pm to 2am doing what they love, but not yet sure how they will monetize it, such as a blog?

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These days most people have or have had a blog online. A blog being a website where you post articles and content in an effort to attract readers and interact with people from all over the world. Of course in most circumstances readers will only come to visit your blog if you have content there that is interesting and enjoyable.

Once you have that content available for people, it makes a lot of sense to look at various ways to monetize your blog, by adding the ability to create or generate revenue from your site.

There are many ways to do this, and these will be covered in detail in future articles. However for the moment, to understand that a lot of money can be made from your blog is a great thing to comprehend.

Imagine doing what you love to do, and interacting with people you can relate to, and getting paid for it at the same time! Imagine what it must feel like to wake up in the morning, check your PayPal (or other) account to see a couple of hundred dollars in there!

Well all of this and lots more besides can in fact become a reality for you, by taking a look at what it is you are offering your blog visitors, and learning ways to encourage those visitors to spend some money with you.

One of the easiest ways to do this would take most people no longer than 5 minutes to set up. You would need a PayPal (or other) account, and a "Donation" button on your site. In the space where you have your donation button, you would have a brief explanation as to why you were asking for donations, and you would set up your PayPal account to accept these accordingly.

This method of blog monetization means that anybody who gets enjoyment or value from your blog, can simply click on your donation button, enter any amount they choose and bingo, you have some money paid into your account.

This in fact can be one of the more satisfying methods of receiving money from your site, as you know that in order for someone to pay you; they must appreciate what you are doing, and what you are supplying.

Try it! It really is simple to do, and you may be extremely surprised to see the results.

Adding a donation button via Paypal is just ONE method you can use to make money from your blog but it is NOT the most effective!

If you have the natural flair for writing and you are looking for ways on how to earn extra cash, then blogging is for you. Making money online is made easier with the introduction of the internet, take full advantage of it.

Make money blogging for beginners is easy.  There is now more reason why you should get hooked to the internet, especially for people who have the natural knack for the written word. If you are a natural born and bred writer, you can make an extra living out of your talent through blogging.

Blogging – the 21st century edition of diary

What is blogging? For those who are not aware of blogging, it is just like having an online diary. Do you remember your childhood days when diaries with little padlocks are famous? Blogging is the modern version of the diary. And now you can make money blogging for beginners with no trouble. 

If you have many articles in your computer, you can try using them and posting them online. And from that, you can earn instant money that you can use to spend for yourself or to save up.

Closer look at blogging

Now that you have an idea of what blogging is all about, the next thing that you should know about make money blogging for beginners is that you should be internet savvy. Yes, you should know how to create your own blog from scratch. There are online sites that can host your blog for free. All you have to do is to sign up and be a member, verify your identity, and then start posting your works.

If you want to be a success, you should promote your sites to other people. Create articles that will encourage and perk their interest so that they will visit your blog. You should generate traffic to your blog by linking your sites to famous sites. This is how you can get sponsors and make money blogging for beginners.  Once your blog is well-known, many companies will tap you for advertisement spaces.


Chadwick Wilson suggest for more tips and resources on blogging go to

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