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If you are like most of the people who use MySpace, you have done your share of wandering around this social networking web site. You may be looking for new prospects for your Friends list. You may just enjoy reading the blogs, or admiring the graphics that others have left as a part of their messages on the different profiles you come across. Whatever your reason for surfing the pages of MySpace, you cannot help but notice all of the different profiles. Of course, there are a few plain ones, but the vast majority of MySpace members have taken the time to dress up their profiles with graphics, colours, images, and all sorts of interesting photos.

You can find sets of all these things for MySpace. These sets have been dubbed "layouts", and one of the reasons that they are so popular is the vast array of choices that are available when searching for them. Layouts are free, but you need to know just where to look online to find the best ones. The most popular varieties of these layouts are the many Playboy MySpace layouts, along with the wide selection of music layouts.

Music MySpace layouts run the gamut from what would be classified as a more or less "generic" music layout, consisting of musical notes, bars, and staffs floating on a coloured background to a layout that is all about a certain band, right down to the icons! You can find music layouts that will express the personality of the individual user, as chosen by the user. A lot of thought goes into the choice of a music layout for MySpace, usually much more than is necessary for one of the candy MySpace layouts that are available.

The user must consider their favourite style of music, their favourite band, and whether or not a premade layout is available for that band. Even when there is a layout already available, it is not unusual for people to create their own music layouts. By doing so, they can control the colours, the fonts used, and everything else involved in making the perfect music layout. However, there are ways to use the vast majority of premade layouts, and make them truly your own creations. All it takes is the addition of perhaps some glitter graphics, a slideshow, or the use of a MySpace generator or a few lines of code to change the looks of a layout.

Premade music layouts can consist of piano keys on a dark background, perhaps with a few roses scattered about, or a layout that consists of a sheet music background accented with complimentary graphics and/or photos. You may be interested in a music layout that glorifies rock music, country music, jazz, or even opera! The music layouts that feature different types of musical instruments are very popular, as are the layouts that pay homage to the individual bands, musicians, and vocalists that make up the music world of today.

If you are a music lover, you are sure to find a MySpace music layout to suit both your personality and your musical tastes. provides free MySpace layouts for your MySpace profile. Download a free MySpace Layout today by visiting Free MySpace Layouts.

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I have been, to paraphrase Brian Epstein, 'shouting Martin's name from the rooftops' for several years in an effort to bring his songs to the public attention.

It is immediately obvious from the first bars of 'Be That Man', the opening song from Martin's first solo album, 'Where Have I Been All Your Life?', that here is a talent that has just waiting to burst forth. It fairly bristles with enthusiasm and rushes the listener along at a brisk rate, through a tale of everyday longing and wishes unfulfilled. Further songs on this and his subsequent albums only confirm Martin's gift as a composer. From the mighty 'My Clown Career', with it's dark, 'Kashmir' - like power and sense of foreboding, to the tongue-in-cheek jangle of 'Hemel Hempstead Boy', it is clear that here is a songwriter of great ability. My first exposure to Martin's songs left me exhilarated and wanting to hear more.

Martin Brown, UK songwriter and singer / musician, has released three solo albums on independent labels during the last three years. On each of these albums, Martin plays all instruments and handles all vocal duties. Those who have heard Martin's songs have been full of praise for them and have expressed astonishment that he has not yet made a bigger impression on the listening public. Jeff Giles, in a review of Martin's first two solo albums that appeared in the site 'Popdose', highly praised Martin's abilities as a songwriter and musician and said that, in his opinion, Martin was writing songs that were the equal of anything Neil Finn (Crowded House) and Andy Partridge (XTC) had produced.

The aforementioned albums,'Where Have I Been All Your Life?' and 'Butterflies', released in 2006 and 2007 respectively were followed in 2008 by a third album, 'Diamonds'. Jeff also reviewed this album, citing it as 'possibly Martin's most complete and satisfying collection of songs so far'.

A brief history of Martin's career:-

Martin, the only child of musician parents, was born and raised in Hemel Hempstead near London and showed early promise as a guitarist and began his professional musical life during his teens. He spent several years during the early 70's, touring with 'The Stroll Band' in Germany and Holland, later joining 'Born Free' back in the UK. Following this, Martin joined forces with drummer Keith Chapman, forming the band 'Spoils', who supported Paul Young and were a very popular band on the club and university circuit and later, Keith and Martin formed 'The Sugar Glyders' along with bassist Paul Thomson. The Sugar Glyders were signed to the 'Lost Moment Records' label, releasing their first single, 'Revenge' in 1984 one of Martin's tunes and a record that is now considered a collectible classic. The band also contributed further tracks to a Lost Moment Records sampler album, 'Colours of The Bastard Art'.

Martin continued to record with Keith Chapman, overdubbing instruments and vocals and this led to his current working methods. In addition, Martin co-wrote 'Never Going to Take No For An Answer', with Ed Poole, a song later covered by Bonnie Tyler. He also wrote and recorded material with Russ Ballard, million-selling songwriter.

In 2008, he released his ode to the town, 'Hemel Hempstead Boy', included on his second album 'Butterflies'. This led to interviews on BBC radio as well as live sessions. Martin also won the BBC 3 Counties' 'Independent Musician' competition, leading to further radio work.

Martin is an ace guitarist, thankfully he shows admirable taste, purely using his guitar work as an embellishment to his songs rather than smothering them in solos! The songs vary from Beatles / Crowded House acoustic songs, to far rockier edgy-sounding material. In more recent work, Martin has even tried his hand at some dance-oriented material. All of this is all the more bewildering when it is appreciated that he plays everything that is heard on all of his songs!

Martin is currently recording material for his fourth album, which I am looking forward to with great anticipation.

In the meantime, it is possible to download a free track 'Shine' from Martin's most recent album from his web site.



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