There is a huge problem in the social networking realm today. People who try to market their business with a social networking account are using their personal accounts for this purpose. With family pictures, candid updates and connections to people who are not associated with your business, these accounts are just not fit for business.

The reason people often choose their private accounts to market their business is due to the time they have spent on the social network with that account. Establishing a new, business related screen name can take time and many marketing campaigns are incorrectly focused on how much can be accomplished in how LITTLE time. Backlinking and SEO takes time. There are no short cuts that will provide a good end outcome.

How to Establish a Business Account on a Social Network

Taking that step into business networking is a big one. The timid hold off because they understand the time it takes to constantly update the account and link back to the main website. Once the account is started, that screen name will be directly associated with the main website used to offer products and / or services. A failed social network account is a scary prospect.

The alternative is no less scary. The business that uses the personal website risks losing credibility in the business world. All it takes is a potential client subscribing to your social network account and a family member or friend posting something inappropriate to wreck years of promotional work and dedication to professionalism.

Taking an Honest Shortcut

There is an honest shortcut that can be used to help establish the business social account without much work for the business. Freelancer writers and backlink companies can work together to create a business account and publish regular updates. These updates can be in the form of blogs, articles and microblogs depending on the social network being used.

There are a few rules to follow when establishing a social business account. If multiple social sites are being used, each account needs to have the same name. This will help to brand your business across social channels. The names of the accounts should also be easy to remember and spell. The more difficult the screen name, the less likely people will be to remember the name.

Smaller social networks that are more focused on your niche can also be a great niche. The most popular social networks are not normally niche related, but smaller networks like (for real estate agents) provide traffic from people that are looking for a specific type of information. A quick search of social networks will provide a list of niche social networks.

Social networks are the source of millions of potential hits. These hits need to work with your main website to promote a business, product or service. Using a personal account is simply a bad business decision that will backfire. Whether using the most popular or most topic specific social website, the business account should never utilize personal connections.

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Google the word "blog" today and you'll get somewhere hovering around 2 billion results. Now, without going into elaborate Google indexing theories, that doesn't necessarily mean there are 2 billion active blogs, but does prove the enormous popularity nonetheless.

The term blog dates back to the late '90's when the already slightly acronym-ized term weblog, used for for the newer fashion of posting journals, or logs, on the web, was shortened even further into the term blog.

Blogs exploded throughout the next decade as celebrity and well-known political activists posts gained enormous popularity and exposure.

As social network sites burst on the scene and eventually became the internet mainstay for over a half a billion users, the novelty of blogs dulled slightly, but not their importance. Many very popular blog authors are routinely spotlighted on national news-talk shows, talk radio, internet magazines, gossip sites, etc.

But most social network sites somewhat ignored blogs and actually formed a new style of blogging. We started notifying our online friends of our every move by what would be called micro-blogging. Twitter popped on the scene a couple of years ago and pushed the micro-blog to new limits (140 character limits, to be exact). People are constantly tweeting their thoughts to the world through the popular service.

While we try to stay abreast of our friends and keep our "followers" notified of our daily thoughts and activities via these abbreviated bursts of mental activity, many social networking sites like ( ) are again embracing the blog. The fit is a good one too, as users can use other site tools to spread the word and snippets of information from their latest blogging masterpiece. Some sites let you select sharing access so that you can keep your thoughts private, truly like a journal, or make public to share with the world. And most that do offer blogs also even offer the ability to embed pictures and even video in your blogs.

Micro-blogging will continue to have its place. But its good to see these social networking sites offering blogs in their repertoire of tools.

So start creating. If your favorite home on the web doesn't offer full blog support, do some searching for social media sites that do. If you have never blogged, you enjoy the extra large palette that blogging gives you. If you have strayed away from blogging, you'll welcome having your creative friend back.


Founder of social networking site ( )

Social networking is about communities. But with the freedom of expression, profanity, and pornography rampant on the internet, many Christians are looking for social networking sites to uphold a certain level of standards.

I've compiled a list of the Top Christian Social Networking Sites on the web today.


Tangle is about expression. A place where you can personalize and express what makes you, you. Tangle allows those to share content (albeit first reviewed by the customer care team) including videos, music, photos and other material. It's video portion (formally known as GodTube) was ranked in value at $ 30 million from GLG Partners (quite a far shy from the $ 1.6B tag of YouTube) a cult favorite.

Find feature artists and receive free mp3's just for joining.

2. The myspace equivilent for Christians. This faith based Social Networking Sites mirrors the mega-phenom Myspace by allowing you to make friends, shout out, rank, post blogs, even chat on forum and group listings. Music, videos, and games round out the mix of Godly fun. It's a members only site with free registration.


When looking at Christian Social Networking sites, you can't leave out those focused on the church. offers free social networking for Christian Churches. You can create a network for your church, share photos, invite members, even post last Sunday's sermon. Essential for linking this web 2.0 crazed nation we have together.


FaithLight gets my nod for the prettiest design and easiest to navigate, not only does it contain my essentials to make this list (a way to connect with individuals and share media *photos, video, audio*) there is also a large focus on the Bible and prayer requests. FL has a fully trained Christian staff that is also very dedicated to keeping the act of making new friends, a safe one.


I couldn't resist. This premier online dating service is for our Christian singles. We know it's hard to meet people online, and I'm a living proof that really works. My husband and I met on that site! Post a profile, browse for free, even interact via live video and chat.

You can initiate contact for free and even communicate anonymously to start.

Dominate Your Industry With Proven Strategies Both ONLINE & OFFLINE Through Referral & Web-based Marketing. Are you wanting to start a blog of your own? What exactly do you want your blog to accomplished? Many Christians are now making money online with blogging. There are several things you should know about blogs to be successful.
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