For bloggers, especially new ones, the most popular mistake they make is they do not write for the audience, leading to the poor number of views. The fact remains that the key factor of blog's success is good writing which appeal visitors' aspiration to come back to your blog.


Many blogs out there are crying for visitors but they do not realize that their scattered thoughts and bad prose are just prompting people to quickly head for the hills.


If you want them to read and appreciate your writing, you have to start thinking like a marketer or a copywriter. Be focused, be creative, be witty and be a conversationalist.


Writing articles or blog posts is all about communication.


Unless your blog is only for your family, your business colleagues, or your dog and cat, you're probably writing with the hope that someone will read about your thoughts. You can bet not many people are on the same wavelength.


So if you want your blog to flourish, you have to write about something that people will find it worth reading and could benefit them in profound ways.


Build a loyal readership with unique content that resonates with your readers. Write compelling articles or posts that provide useful information and tips. That's the way to keep them coming back to your blog.


Here are some key factors to help you avoid stumbling into some blogging potholes:


1. Stay true to your topic

Opinions are fine, but unless you're Google's head honcho, very few people will want to know what you eat for breakfast. Stick to your gun. If your blog is about travel, then write about travel.


2. Always write in a conversational style

You can forget what your English teacher taught in school. Forget corporate-speak. Write the way you speak, conversational style. This way you won't sound uptight and unnatural.


3. Be an opinionated blogger

Don't bore your readers with pleasant platitudes. Most people respond better to an honest airing of views. Give them a piece of your mind if you will. If you can stand the heat, be controversial, be a devil's advocate.


4. Be witty and have a sense of humour

Show them you're someone with a sense of humour and can be very witty in your writing. Show them you can laugh at yourself and still get your point across.


5. Know what you're talking about

If you're writing about your profession, you'd better know what you are talking about. Most bloggers are well-informed and will throw brickbats at you if you're found out.


6. Update frequently, but don't burn out

Avoid burnout. Bloggers are only humans, so stick to a publishing schedule that is humanly possible for you. If you've just updated your blog and find a story you want to share, save it for later.


Don't work yourself into a corner. Never take on more than you can chew.


Blogging should not be regarded as a rat race. Pace yourself nicely and you will find it's a pleasant journey... and rewarding, too.


Freelance writer and web content provider Mark Khoo administrates and edits several niche blogs and some websites. He writes for online entrepreneurs and bloggers in general. You can read up more insightful articles on Internet marketing, SEO, the blogging experience and other Internet issues at => The NextPost and Blogging On My Mind.

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