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Descubra como é fácil ganhar dinheiro com sites e blogs de política na internet! Saiba mais em 😉


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Best Blogging Sites Review 2016

In this video I discuss Best Blogging Sites Review 2016. When I first started blogging I tried to find an honest review of a third party of the best blogging sites with out an affilete link and sales pitch. I never was able to find an expert who had experience on a bunch of blogs to tell me what they liked and did not like. After writing over 100 blogs on a combination of LinkedIn, Storify, Qastme (word press) and now Zukul in this video I discuss the pro's and cons of the best blogging sites going into 2016. (Best Blogging Sites Review 2016 blog post) (blog) Connect with Me

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Despite being the smallest country in North Africa, Tunisia may be its most diverse, offering a wealth of opportunities for visitors - from historical exploration to the chance to be awed by its natural beauty. Whether you're keen to set foot in the Sahara desert or to wander through well-preserved Roman ruins, a trip to Tunisia could be one of the most mesmerising holidays you'll ever take.

There are many reasons why Tunisia is one of the most popular destinations in the Arabic world, particularly among Western travellers who will see greater equality and a more cosmopolitan and welcoming atmosphere than elsewhere in this part of the world. Tunisia's low prices and the abundance of flight deals have helped to make it a sensation for adventurous travellers who flock in droves to the sunny Mediterranean coast.

However, to stick to the beaches would be to miss out on much of what makes Tunisia such an incredible country to visit. If you're drawn to the region's colourful history, a trip to the ruined city of Carthage is essential, dotted with Roman ruins that speak of a rich, imperial province now lost. That's not to say Tunisia's colonial majesty faded after the Roman Empire though, as its elegant 19th century French residences will demonstrate. Tunisia's museums also display this wealthy cultural history, particularly institutions such as Bardo Museum, home to the most comprehensive collection of Roman mosaics in the world.

Even beyond the cities, Tunisia holidays can offer the unique chance to experience a dazzling array of flora, fauna and changing landscapes, all in just a few days when you arrange a guided tour. Take a trip south into the Sahara desert to take on this challenging landscape and see incredible views of sand dunes from Ksar Ghilane and the cave dwellings at Matmata - a landscape so distinctive, it's been captured on celluloid in such hit films as Star Wars. Alternatively, head to the north of the country for different scenery entirely - home to spectacular lakes populated by pink flamingos, and olive and citrus trees.

A trip to Tunisia can even include day trips or longer stays on its charming surrounding islands, such as Jerba. This small island offers Mediterranean bliss for beach lovers and ramblers alike, and also holds its own in terms of historical charm, thanks to the presence of the cobblestoned town of Houmt Souq.

Janine Barclay writes for a digital marketing agency. This article has been commissioned by a client of said agency. This article is not designed to promote, but should be considered professional content.

Social networking is about communities. But with the freedom of expression, profanity, and pornography rampant on the internet, many Christians are looking for social networking sites to uphold a certain level of standards.

I've compiled a list of the Top Christian Social Networking Sites on the web today.


Tangle is about expression. A place where you can personalize and express what makes you, you. Tangle allows those to share content (albeit first reviewed by the customer care team) including videos, music, photos and other material. It's video portion (formally known as GodTube) was ranked in value at $ 30 million from GLG Partners (quite a far shy from the $ 1.6B tag of YouTube) a cult favorite.

Find feature artists and receive free mp3's just for joining.

2. The myspace equivilent for Christians. This faith based Social Networking Sites mirrors the mega-phenom Myspace by allowing you to make friends, shout out, rank, post blogs, even chat on forum and group listings. Music, videos, and games round out the mix of Godly fun. It's a members only site with free registration.


When looking at Christian Social Networking sites, you can't leave out those focused on the church. offers free social networking for Christian Churches. You can create a network for your church, share photos, invite members, even post last Sunday's sermon. Essential for linking this web 2.0 crazed nation we have together.


FaithLight gets my nod for the prettiest design and easiest to navigate, not only does it contain my essentials to make this list (a way to connect with individuals and share media *photos, video, audio*) there is also a large focus on the Bible and prayer requests. FL has a fully trained Christian staff that is also very dedicated to keeping the act of making new friends, a safe one.


I couldn't resist. This premier online dating service is for our Christian singles. We know it's hard to meet people online, and I'm a living proof that really works. My husband and I met on that site! Post a profile, browse for free, even interact via live video and chat.

You can initiate contact for free and even communicate anonymously to start.

Dominate Your Industry With Proven Strategies Both ONLINE & OFFLINE Through Referral & Web-based Marketing. Are you wanting to start a blog of your own? What exactly do you want your blog to accomplished? Many Christians are now making money online with blogging. There are several things you should know about blogs to be successful.
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