2 Simple Ways to Find New Blog Topics | Find Popular Blog Ideas!

You are going to run out of topics to blog on.
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If you aren't sure on what to blog on, you can do 2 things.

Step 1: Go to and type in keywords related to your space. Buzzsumo will show you what's popular. It sorts the results based on recency and social shares.

If you write something that is similar and more detailed, the chances are it will do well on your website too. Why? Because if something did well on a competitor's blog it probably would do well on your blog.

Step 2: Head to Quora and type in keywords from your space. Quora shows you all of the popular questions people have within your space.

Consider writing blog posts that focus on any one of those questions. You can then write a really in-depth blog post around that question.

By doing this you'll see that your blog will generate traffic. If a lot of people have a burning question and you answer it, naturally people will Google the question and eventually land on your blog.

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You no longer have topics left to write on your blog and/or website. Don’t so worry about it. I will give you some tips that I use to deal with this problem in my website and blog.



When I am looking for ideas about what to write about I often visit an article directory, such as EzineArticles. I look at other articles that are in my niche. I often come up with new ideas for my website and blog this way.


Another method I use for coming up with new topics for my website and blog is by doing a search in Google or another search engine on my niche. I than explore other websites and blogs with the same niche that I have, looking for ideas for topics on my website and blog.


Visiting forums and Usenet groups with the same niche as my website and blog is a great way to come up with new ideas for my website/blog. This way I can see what topics people are discussing and asking questions for in my niche.


Talking to my friends about the topic that I am writing about in my website and blog is also a great way of coming up with new ideas. Are my friends asking any questions or have any problems that are related to the niche that I write about. For example, my website is on internet security and privacy. A friend of mine was recently telling me that he had to reformat his entire hard drive and reinstall his operating system because of damage done by a nasty Trojan Horse. This gave me the idea to write the post titled "How to Prevent and Detect a Trojan Horse."


Another way that I come up with new content for my website and blog is by going to the bookstore and library, looking at books and magazines with the same niche that I have. I find magazines in particular are a great way of coming up with fresh ideas for content for my website and blog.


When I don't know what to write about I'll sometimes just open a blank document in WordPad and simply start writing. I just write about whatever is on my mind, not worrying about grammar, spelling, etc. It is amazing how many times that I do this before I know it I've written a 500+ word article. Some writers will even set a timer, for say 30 minutes, and write as much as they possibly can before the timer goes off.


Sometimes I simply need a bit of a break from writing and my computer altogether. I'll go for a walk, call a friend, play my clarinet, or do something else completely different than working on the computer. It is amazing how after taking a short break I'll feel so much more refreshed and often have ideas for content running out of my head into my fingertips on the keypad!


I hope that I have given you some methods of finding new content for your website or blog. Happy writing and blogging everyone!



Chris Hecker writes a blog, Trying to Make Money Online, on a regular basis about his efforts to make money online through affiliate programs, Google AdWords, Google AdSense, blogging, and creating a website. Chris Hecker is also the owner and writer of Internet Security 101, a site and blog with free internet security and privacy articles, tutorials, and tips. How do you come up with great bog topics as part of your legal marketing plan? This is a question I am asked several times a month. The answer is that coming up with great ideas is not as difficult as it seems. This video offers you some insight into how to decide what to write about on your legal marketing blog. For more legal marketing ideas visit:

So you have finally taken the bold step of setting up your own blog. After some initial hiccups, you finally succeed in getting it going. However, you are faced with a different form of situation here; you are lost for topics to post about. This is where my article will benefit you. I will try to guide you on how and what to post and write about.

The first step would be to make a mind map of a list of subjects/topics that you consider yourself to know a lot about. You can even write it down if you think that will help. All these topics and subjects can range from your interests, your career, your business, natural talents or even an aspect of life for that matter.

Next, make another list similar in fashion to the above. However, instead of topics and subjects that you have a deep knowledge on/about, make a list of those that you would like to be learning about. In other words, what grabs your attention? What are you interested in?

Third, as with the above two but a list of the subjects/topics on what you are naturally gifted on. Now, each and every individual is different. Are you a naturally gifted musician? Are you naturally good with a paintbrush?

Now, if you find that the topics on the above categories might seem to overlap, please do not be bothered by it; it's only really natural for that to occur. The main idea of the above exercise or brainstorming process is to come up with an initial list of all the possible topics you can post about. Just a minute ago, you were scratching your head wondering how to start and where to go and now, you have a comprehensive list in front of you.

From the above initial list, go through the list for a further few times until you can come up with a shortlist. This is the very reason why I strongly suggest doing a mind map since you are able to have a clear idea of all the topics involved. For all you know, you can even discover new topics that are related to the main topics you have listed down.

With that, I conclude my post this time around. Put this into practice and you will soon be able to blog about a wide range of topics and subjects that you enjoy and is knowledgeable about or at least will be. My next post will further explain that; choosing the most appropriate subject matter for your blog posts.

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