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Some of the jewelry you see may have been sent to me by PR or given to me as a gift. I keep all my jewelry in one place so some of those items may be seen in this video. However, none of the companies mentioned are paying me for this video or even know their jewelry may be in view. I purchased the Pier 1 armoire with my own money. All opinions are my own and this is a 100% non-sponsored video.
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So I went on a jewelry shopping spree, and look what I have got!

Products Shown:

(Not in the same order as shown in the video)

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Prachi (Super Wow Style)

This is my review of Glaze by Kim Curran, a newly released sci-fi dystopian YA all about a world where Glaze, the online networking site, has basically taken over everyone and it's Petri's wish to just join in when she's 16, but will she be able to??

The prizes include:
-Hardback copy of GLAZE signed by the author and cover designer
-Signed copies of Shift & Control
-Glaze Bookmarks
-Glaze badges
-Meet with Kim Curran or Skype chat if not able to come to London.

Here is the link to the rafflecopter giveaway:

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New York City Apartment Tour 2014 (Updated)

WE MOVED in 2015!! Check Out Our New Apt! - Watch our 2013 Apartment Tour - Blog post on our updates - Advice for moving...
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Here's a quick garden tour of what's still blooming in our Wisconsin Garden. We just could not resist giving these beautiful floral blooms their due and want...

Square Foot Gardening

Learn how to build a square foot garden. Buy M-Braces: Watch More Videos:
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