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To have a profit you need traffic, and it shouldn't be hard to get traffic to your blog. Below are some things you can try.

Daily Posting- Daily posting on you blog can help. New content attracts search engine spiders to your blog. Take the time and make sure you do this.

Links- Put a link to your blog in your email signature. Also, add your link whenever you comment on someone else's blog. You can also write articles and link them to your blog. Many article directories are free to use so this is great for a tight budget. If you have an account with a social network like Facebook, you can add your link on your personal page. This is free, but you can also pay for advertisements there as well.

Submit- You can submit your blog to traditional search engines as well as blog directories.

Print- Put your link on your business cards as well as flyers and brochures. If you do a newsletter, make sure your link is put on every page.

Feeds- Set up a feed on so that your site is regularly spidered by Yahoo. You can also make sure you have a RSS feed url that people can subscribe to. This is a document type that lists updates of websites or blogs available for syndication.

These are just some methods that you can use to get traffic to your blog. There are many, many more. Some of them will involve tools, some are also free. The best advice I can possibly give is to ask other internet marketers how to get traffic to your blog. Doing this can turn up some great methods that you might not have thought of, or didn't know how to do. There is nothing better than knowing that someone else has made it work, and might consider helping you understand anything you are not clear on.

If you are serious about getting traffic to your blog visit us NOW and get the information you need!

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So you have a website or a blog but no traffic? Well, I show you 6 ways I use to get my sites active. First I start with forums to drive visitors to my blog, It works very well. I've been doing this for 2 months and it's an awesome way to get yourself out there.

Social media is also a great way to get visitors to your blog, You need to target the right people though. Use 1-3 Social media platforms and don't over do it. Commenting on other people article is also another way I learned how to increase blog traffic.

Another great way is optimizing your article for long tail keywords with low search volume. It may seem like a strange way of doing it but those searches start to add up after a while. It will be fast traffic on autopilot after a while. This is a good way to learn how to increase blog traffic fast. Best of all it's 100% free. is another dominator when it comes to building traffic. This website is like yahoo answers. Just find questions and drop a link to your websites and articles.

Now that we have visitors and we have learned how to increase website traffic for free, it's important we keep them returning. Build an e-mail list to keep your visitors returning back to the website or blog. Keeping the web page active is critical if you want success online. We all want to make it online, without amazing subscribers this is hard to achieve. always engage and make them feel welcome.

I always send blog subscribers an e-mail with a welcome message. They will tell friends about you and this could drive more free traffic helping you grow even bigger online.

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Answering a question from Toni where she asked what she can do to get more blog traffic. Sharing tips and recommendations for you! More down below...

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Typical blog growth sucks because it takes forever to get to a point where we can utilize our traffic for things like advertising and selling information products.

Using strategies such as guest posts, social networking, social bookmarking, and link exchanges, we can drastically increase the amount of traffic coming to our blogs in less amount of time.

The video will show you visually how this works, on a graph.

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Blogging is essentially an online journal that you can write anything in. Some people choose to get very personal on their blogs while others use them for more professional purposes.

The way to drive traffic to your website through a blog is to post as often as possible with content relating to your business. Every time you add something new to your website or change something about your business write about it on your blog and add a link to your website at the end of each post. Write articles for your website and add them to your blog as well.

This may sound like a lot of work, but setting up a blog is actually pretty simple with the help of hosting sites like Blogger and WordPress. These sites are not only free, but take you through the setup process step by step from choosing a domain name and picking a template to adding widgets and following traffic stats.

They have also created blogging communities so you can view and follow other blogs hosted by the same server. Use these to your advantage to get new ideas and to exchange links with complimentary blogs. Consider links to your blog as links to your website and you'll be more motivated to keep it updated.

Another reason to try blogging as a way to drive traffic is because search engines tend to list blogs quicker and higher than regular websites. This is partially because some hosting sites automatically register your blog with major search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN, and these companies have automated web crawlers searching blog servers for new links.

You may be wondering what you could possibly write about every week that relates back to your business. The answer to this is simple: follow the news. You'll always be able to find something in a newspaper, TV broadcast, industry newsletter or online forum that you can offer your opinion on.

You can even post links to related news articles and videos so people return to your blog as a source of information. This will also keep you up to date with what's going on in your industry so you don't fall behind your competitors.

If you really want more people to check out your website blogging is quick, simple and definitely worth a try.

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