Hiyaaa, me again. Today I'm talking about ways to dress vintage style even if you don't feel like spending all your money on clothes. Feel free to share if you have any other tips and ideas! Btw, most of the pictures shown in the video are from my instagram:
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There is only one week to go until Vintage at Goodwood the civilised festival for grown ups that celebrates 5 decades of British cool. With thousands of people turning up to listen to some great music from the forties, fifties, sixties, seventies, eighties and nineties in their favourite pieces of vintage clothing it is a sure sign that vintage clothing is becoming even more popular. Attendees at Vintage at Goodwood will not only have the opportunity for camping but also glamping, a very glamorous type of camoing with all of lifes little luxuries. But for those who just don’t have time to trawl car boots sales, vintage fairs and shops, there is plenty of vintage inspired clothing available on the high street and in online stores ready to cater for the huge interest in clothing from bygone years. Even for those who are not lucky enough to be going to to the Vintage at Goodwood weekend, there is no reason why they should not indulge in dressing up in some vintage inspired clothes.

There are lots of reasons for the current interest in vintage clothing and vintage inspired clothes. Part of it is perhaps a little nostalgia for those good old days before computers, Blackberries (the handheld computers, not the fruit) and mobile phones but also there is something about the vintage styles of clothes that we love. Some of the classic styles of vintage clothes have definitely proved their worth and stood the test of time like the circle skirt and the sixties style baby doll dresses. These styles of clothing are not only feminine but also very flattering for women to wear. They are a refreshing change from the jeans and t shirts that so many people live in these days and they make you feel a little bit special.

It is no surprise really that so many of these vintage features are re emerging in modern clothing designs. They are just the sort of clothes that women want to wear and the intricate embellishments and attention to detail are irresistable. Here are some of my favourite vintage inspired features that you can find on modern clothes.

* Lace – delightly feminine and delicate, lace trims on dresses, cardigans and tops are big news this summer but lace never really goes out of fashion as it is such a beautiful fabric.

* Washed out Florals – the paler coloured florals have a really nostalgic and comforting feel about them.

* Tea dresses – the classic shape of a tea dress is incredibly popular as it is so flattering. The a line is the perfect way to cover up larger hips and thighs and balance them with a wide hemline.

* Beading and embroidery – the beautiful decoration on many vintage pieces is usually handcrafted. Modern day reproductions of these works of art are perfect for evening dresses.

* Pencil Skirts – pencil skirts are incredibly versatile and are great for work wear.

* Flared or circle skirts – the fifities silhouette of a full skirt with a nipped in waist is still hugely popular today. It looks so elegant and this style looks like it will be a huge trend this winter.

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Many of you will have heard of the retro/vintage fashion trend, but fewer of you will know exactly what this style entails. For those of you who love fashion, and are curious about the retro/vintage look, but have no idea what it actually is, or how to pull it off, then you have come to the right place. Here, we explain exactly what the fashion magazines are talking about, and offer some advice and tips on where to find vintage clothes, and the best ways of wearing such clothes.

Whether you are searching for a single outfit, or you wish to change your entire wardrobe, vintage clothing is a fantastic addition to your fashion collection.

What is Vintage or Retro Fashion

Vintage and retro are interchangeable names for the same fashion movement. Most fashion designers and other prominent figures within the fashion industry agree that the terms relate to distinctive trends of bygone eras that have become popular again. For instance, the 1960s mini-skirt fashions, the 1920s masculine styles and later, the roaring styles, the 1950s glamour or Teddy boys, all constitute distinct fashion trends, and have now come into fashion once more. Conversely, the 1980s shell-suit look also constitutes a distinct trend, however, the fact that it is a relatively recent trend, does not qualify the style as retro/vintage. Any distinct style from the 1920s to the 1970s constitutes the retro/vintage trend.

When Does Clothing Have to Have Been Made to Constitute a Retro/Vintage Item?

Depending on whether people are talking about vintage style or vintage clothes, proves the distinction here. Vintage style clothing is manufactured now, and simply copies styles from the past, genuine vintage clothing was made in the era to which the style belongs.

For fashion purposes, the distinction is rather irrelevant, if you want to dress in a retro/vintage style, then it is the style that counts, and not the actual age of the clothes.

Where Can You Buy Vintage Clothes?
There are many places from which you can purchase vintage clothes, from flea markets to thrift shops, but by far the most convenient location is the internet, internet retailers offer the greatest choice, but also the best prices too. Regardless of the particular style of clothing you are searching for, you will find it online. Internet auction sites are fantastic, but the best places to shop online are the specialist vintage clothing retailers. These retailers focus all their attention on finding and restoring an incredible range of vintage/retro clothing, and can offer invaluable advice as to the best ways of wearing the fashion.

Size is Everything
When buying genuine vintage clothes, as opposed to vintage-style clothing, make sure you choose the correct size. Clothing measurements have changed throughout the ages, and so a size 10 in the 1950s, is likely to be very different to a size 10 in the 2010s. When buying clothes online, try to find out the measurements in centimetres or inches, so you can get a better idea of whether the clothes will fit. Do not worry if you purchase an incorrect size, the majority of retailers offer a free-returns policy.

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