There is an explosion in demand for the written word on the internet, occasioned by Publishers, Editors and Webmasters need for web copy to fill their websites and blogs. This has potentially thrown open huge opportunities for freelance writers to smile to Bank. The World Wide Web undoubtedly is a huge market for freelance writers, growing in leaps and bounds. Everyday tens of thousands of new website are being uploaded and there is no better time to make real money than now.

Working online as a freelancer is not a difficult task; you don't have to be a Harvard writer before you can succeed as a freelance writer, your background and experience counts almost for nothing when it comes to succeeding as a freelance writer. Understanding how the internet works and your ability to write in coherent English at a moderate level puts your in a good stead. Webmasters don't have the time and/or skill to do their web writing. It takes one who is passionate about writing - especially for money - and one who knows how to read and write and can surf the net to do so effortlessly. Essentially, in freelance writing you get paid for clarity of writing and speed of delivery.

To get started on a career in freelancing, there're a couple of structures you need to put in place for you to stand on a good footing.

You Need a Strong Web Presence: That is setting up your own website or blog helps you gain credibility faster online. However, you can operate your writing business from the comfort of your home. You may not necessarily set up a formal business or website, but you must know how to navigate your way around the web to get the attention of webmasters and publishers in order for you to get writing jobs and get paid for your efforts.

There are a number of useful and profitable sites where you can kick-start your writing career, some of these sites pay handsomely. A good place to start is elance.com and guru.com. Begin a search of freelance writing sites at Google.com, bookmark any site that catches your fancy and study them thoroughly to understand the nitty-gritty of their modus-operandi -procedure.

Begin to Build a List of Clients: Develop a list of repeat clients - habitual customers - who if they're satisfied with the quality of your offerings -products and services - can begin to refer you to colleagues and acquaintances. Once clients can certify that you're thorough, have the ability to churn out quality jobs and can deliver on time, you'll have your hands filled with well-paying jobs.

learn the basics of freelance writing and how it works: Visit established freelance and SEO copywriting sites and understudy them. It will be to your interest to first pick up a couple of guidebooks, that way you can stand upon the vast experience of seasoned experts to launch your career. There are a couple of ebooks available on the net, written by successful and experienced freelance writers. It will help you have a firm grasp of the bolts and nuts of freelance writing business. Almost anyone can get paid to write on the Internet. But you need to know your way around to get paid handsomely.

The writer's marketplace has its rules; ensure you understand them; so that you can stand shoulder above the rest.

May be reprinted with the following, in full: John Efetobor is the publisher of bloggingcashideas.com & Write4Clients.com: John Efetobor is a professional freelance SEO writer & Consultant and the author of Freelance Writing Millions. To learn everything you need to know about how to start a successful career as an SEO copywriter and start making steady income, log on to Freelance Writing Demystified

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Whether you simply want a challenge or to discuss a topic of particular interest to you, writing free articles can be a great outlet. However, composing an article is tough to impossible until you come up with a theme, a new angle on a well-known theme, or just have trouble focusing on the task at hand. The good news is that there are some really good tips that you can remember when writing articles. These are a few examples>

It is very important for people to consult a variety of web surveys

You can monitor Internet surveys just like professional marketers, writers and researchers do. Online surveys are not only a rich source of information, they can be a source of inspiration as well. By consulting surveys you can get ideas of new and novel topics, find out what subjects are trending and what people are currently interested in. Whatever data you unearth can form the basis for the piece you are writing.

Read other blogs

The unique thing about blogs is the personal touch that they give which makes them very interesting to read. Are you someone who spends a lot of time perusing online journals and interested in the opinions of various authors? Don't just read the content of these blogs just for fun and entertainment. Rather, peruse the articles and topics so that you can get ideas of your own. You need to sift through all the articles in one blog, to determine which ones are popular and interesting. Then, you can compare the content of different blogs, to see what topics bloggers most often feature in their journals.

You can make your own blog and keep track of it

Blogs are becoming a trendy and practical online medium, and you should take advantage of this tool. There are a lot of websites which offer blog services, free of charge, making it simple for you to make your own online journal. You can use your own blog as a content source for future articles that you may write. You can also use your blog as a means of analyzing what your readers want and enjoy reading. It is very important that you reply to any responses generated by your blog site's content, as this process familiarizes you with your readership, its interests, and its needs.

Read article directories

Article directories are becoming a vast source of information for many article writers. Use a variety of directories to read articles that cover similar topics to your own. Use these articles to generate ideas and learn to articulate your message. But always remember to make sure you don't plagiarize the things you read.

Don't stress out, and take pleasure in the endeavor

Relaxing your mind will help improve your creativity and the flow of ideas. It will also make you more focused and coherent in your writing. It's essential to take enjoyment in what you do. How you regard your income-producing activities is certain to show up in the quality of your creations. It is important to pursue something you feel passionate about.

Writing articles can be a great means for you to learn new things and to share the things you learn with other people.

To find additional information and tips on writing and submitting Free Articles and content, you can visit http://www.articleclick.com.

As opposed to a conventional copywriter who tend to mull over each comma, sentence, word or decimal point whenever they write, bloggers are freer and better at writing out nice little articles or blog entries that contains substance. The difference between what a writer produces and what a blogger produces is this - the length.

The lengthier it is, the easier it is to lose your audience

I don't claim to be an authority of any sort in this respect although I blog AND I write professionally. Everyone goes through the same learning curve, and in all honestly, most writers-cum-bloggers will have to go through it. You get chided by clients who pays you to write tell you that you're too personal. You get reprimanded by client who pays you to blog tell you that you're too long winded.


Bloggers are smarter than writers in terms of article marketing

The situation is as such that bloggers are more web savvy....I know of a few exceptions but professional writers come with qualification, quality and experience and they have rock-solid values and principles. Therefore, it hard for them to bend. 'Bend my principles, Gosh, NOOO! Off with your head!' Bloggers, on the other hand know how to make full use of any cyber loopholes they can find and make FULL USE of it without feeling an iota of remorse!

Writers, learn from that. One of the things that writers can use, that bloggers have been using for the longest time, is article marketing.

Bloggers' content

Typically, a good blogger (not your me-me-me-diva blogger type) will blog everyday and their blog posts are usually about 100 - 400 words MAX! It fulfills the article marketing strategy of being brief and to the point. That is why it's easy for them to make use of the content that they already have in their website and submit them quickly into a couple of their favorite article directories.

Writers' content

We love to analyze everything, explain at length and then put in a nice conclusion. Oh, and don't forget those poetic words too! That's authority for you and I respect that, seriously, I do. It's just the writer in us with a sledgehammer over our heads, not us. If you have one long article, here what I suggest you do. You cut the article down to a few parts (depending on the length of your article) and name it Part I, Part II, Part III and Part IV.

Article marketing works for....

....both bloggers and writers. The only problem is the length and depth of the content. Everyone, even bloggers, have to contend with the same problem of qualified traffic.

On a last note, keep at it and don't expect magic. This is not Hogsworth. Even Harry Potter took seven books to finish He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named off, right? Article marketing works, just keep it at and seven books down, you'll kill Voldemort.

p.s. Ok, fine. Ha. Ha.

Marsha Maung is a Malaysian-based freelance copywriter with two kids. She spends her time ferrying her kids around, watering her plants, writing web content, SEO stuff, ghostwriting books and also indulges in the occasional Facebook-ing. Visit her blog for more dirty details on the life and times of a mother, writer, designer, housekeeper, coffee-maker, poop-wiper, chef...and just about everything else under the sun.

A fun vlog on five common characteristics of writers. 🙂


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Here's the situation – You've got 40 blog posts to write about garage door openers and you've hit an enormous chunk of writers' block.  It's staring you down, the couch and TV are calling, and the deadline keeps coming.  You could go out to your garage, open and shut the door for a while and see if the muse makes an appearance. Here are some quicker and more effective ways for an article ghost writer to think of ideas.


What Does Your Reader Want To Know?


First off, think about this.  When somebody gets online, what are they looking for?  Why are they going to read your articles, and what do they want to get out of them?  Since we've kind of worn out the whole garage door repair thing, let's look at another niche for an example – sedation dentistry.  What on earth is sedation dentistry anyway?  Is it popular?  What do they do that's different?  What are the benefits?  It sounds a little weird; is it safe? 


This list of questions that's just popped into your head should give you ideas for at least 5 unique articles on the topic.  Just think – What does the reader want to know?  We look online for information because we need answers to questions, we need problems solved and we need pain eased.  Maybe, like most of us, your reader hates going to the dentist and what they're looking for is a way to sleep through their next visit.


Do A Little Marketing Research Yourself


There are lots of sites you can go to for ideas.  Some of the best are question and answer sites.  Like Yahoo Answers, these are sites where people post questions and other users answer them.  Take a look at the questions asked about your topic.  These are all great article topic ideas.


Forums are also nice.  You can see what things people are talking about in your topic.  This will give you not only some ideas on what to write about, but also a good idea of "what's hot" right now. 


You can also check out article directories for ideas as well.  Just look at titles and it will generate some ideas.  But one word of warning – don't copy anything you see there too closely.  Chances are, your articles are going to end up there.  And we all know that plagiarism is a huge no-no.  Just look at titles to get ideas. 


You would be surprised at all the ideas out there waiting for you to pluck them up.  Thinking of ideas quickly and without much strain is a really important skill for any article ghost writer.  I once wrote 50 articles on mold removal and, believe me, the above techniques took the pain out of idea generation for me.

I write your content so you don't have to >> www.gregscottwrites.com.  I've got hundreds of satisfied customers under my belt.  This article is copyright 2010 by Greg Scott. Anyone may use this article as long as all links in the article and resource box stay active and the article is not altered in any way.

Being a writer isn't easy, but here are five ways to help you improve your skills.



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Blog writers are starting to be hot commodities to look out for, especially in these modern times when article marketing is becoming more and more prominent. If you have a website or a blog, or even need a technical writer, you'll find that writers from the blogging world are going to be able to put you over the edge with quick formatted commentary. The subject matter doesn't even worry most writers, because you'll find that there are expert writers talking about a wide variety of different things and are willing to do it for hire. Simply search through any platform with the keywords that you want to get written, and you'll find serious scribes that are willing to make your project their number one goal. The thing you'll find most is high end potential writers, that might charge you more than you're used to, but don't let that dismay you, if you sift through the options, you'll find low cost options to off set the higher end pricing.

Finding blog writers that will help you in a fast moving world of the internet, you have to go directly to them, instead of looking at directories. Directories for writers exist but the charge is going to be much higher than approaching a writer from their existing blog. When in doubt, you can go to an article farm to assist you moving forward.

If you don't really see a great deal of options that can assist you moving forward with relative ease, you'll find that classified websites can definitely be something worth checking out. Many websites in these modern times let you post free advertising and you can build a great deal of contacts that can help you write content for a variety of reasons.

After you've looked through a variety of resources to get a writer, you will need to make sure that you get proper instructions delivered to them, and when you receive any articles, you read them carefully. Reading them carefully will allow you to interject any language or rhetoric that you want to add as your own. Adding different options to existing articles can help you drive traffic, work on marketing of all types and assist you moving forward.

When in doubt, look for blog writers to do the heavy lifting on any article site that you want to work on. Without them, you'll have to do a great deal of writing on your own, and if you're not used to it, you'll find that things can get quite difficult to deal with.

If you are looking for more information on ebook design and ebook sales page, click on the links for more information.

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