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I usually talk about how to make a difference, help other people, and live with purpose.

Once in a while, I might throw in something about doing waht you love or what you're good at in order to be happy, change the world and achieve your dreams 🙂
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In this video I share my go-to method for coming up with blog and business names. See if you can use these tips to come up with your own unique name!

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  • Alice Dickinson says:

    I feel like my name is good because its the same across all of my social media but its not very creative haha! xx 

  • Itz Neena&Nique says:

    Hi im from bloglovin lol i like my name some what because its me and my sister name

  • Emilyd says:

    Hi I have just started a blog

  • tuikkumuikku says:

    Is it boring to use my name on the blog name, like tuikkumuikku's life?

  • Malia says:

    This really helped so much! Back in 2012 I thoughtlessly created but my blog has a more 'living life in your 20s' theme which I now want to address by buying a domain name

  • Monica Bachvarova says:

    If i'm about to make a cooking blog any time, I'd totally name it bakerella. I really like it! :D

  • Kristina Vrgov says:

    I have a fashion blog Someday I want to make my own fashion line by that name (aka my last name) .Some shity japanies site has that name ( and no I'm not japaniese…Should I put something like: vrgov's fashion,vrgovv.Something really clean like :prada,gucci,armani.If you know what I mean. I really want a website to call but it's already taken.Any sugestions? Pleaseee awnser! You are the only one 😀 ♥Kristina

  • Melody Lin says:

    Hi! My name is Melody and I just started a blog it would mean the world to me if someone even if it's just one person could check it out and comment on my blog! Thank you!

  • The Beauty Girl Report says:

    My beauty blog name is JasmineChic. What do you think? Im not in love with it, but I can't think of anything better.

  • froehlichfrau says:

    the light makes my eyes sick -.-

  • my name is evi_ says:

    anybody check our blog pleasee?it would mean a lot 🙂

  • Shannon James says:

    My blog is D, CF & Me. D for Diabetes, CF for Cystic Fibrosis and Me for, well me.

  • Simplyy Anna says:

    What if your blog doesn't have a specific topic ? (Like a lifestyle blog)

  • iman firman says:

    how about you,what is your blog about?and why you named wonderforest?
    i'm so sorry about this

  • Diego Rogers says:

    Hey, kola I really enjoyed watching this video. I love watching your all of your videos that you post on youtube. I will always support you because you are a good, nice, and caring girl. And I will continue to watch your videos. 

  • BeachChairz says:

    Much appreciated for this video :)

  • wetinjojo says:

    Thanks for the info. So how come all this you tube bloggers will be saying I don't make money off YouTube. Okay so now I know to you that have ADs I now know you are getting something. Also thanks for participating on a blog that is great and not this celebrity @ gossip blog that you know Nigerians do @ call them selves bloggers just for saying stuff about people. Anyway Good luck to you @ I hope to see more of your work. Happy new year.

  • maximuslyricus says:

    Thanks for sharing!!

  • Teresa Surles says:

    So basically your blog is made up on only videos, no writing? By the way, thanks for sharing this information. 

  • Jenny Olatunji says:

    Thanks for the tip! I post weekly too! Consistency is key

  • hatimjm1 says:

    This video is an answer to my prayer. It is so wonderful to see this. 

  • hatimjm1 says:

    KOLA, my thoughts were everywhere and i was so confused about how to push my purpose. I felt direction but, watching this video has brought everything into perspective and it really has less to do with the money . I am really happy to have watched this video. Thank you Kola and may you receive back that which you have shared…ten fold.. 

  • Michelle Forrester says:

    Hey Lola! I love your hair and your videos…I love the purpose that fuels your video and blogs, I am in the process of brainstorming ideas to start a blog and YouTube channel. How did you become a speaker? What qualifications would someone need to become a public speaker??? I could see myself doing that while also blogging and blogging but I am not sure how to brand myself or what subject matter to focus on….any thoughts and insight of yours would be helpful 

  • Michelle Forrester says:

    sorry I meant *Kola, my phone auto correct to blame…

  • JideWeb - Jide Ogunsanya says:

    Just discovered your channel and I'm so impressed. Well done.

  • OpenSource Jim says:

    Hey hate to be that guy but i guess we've all gotta start somewhere. So Im new to Youtube, from Ireland and hoping that people might consider giving my couple of vids a look and providing feedback if they felt so inclined 🙂 So please gimme a chance, it would really be appreciated.

    Thanks for your time.




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