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especially if your goal is to make a difference and help other people.

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Beta Motivation is an Inspirational self improvement blog for purpose driven people. You'll also receive blogging advice for non-profits, blogging advice for churches, and blogging advice for small businesses. I share things like how to use a blog to spread a message. tips on how to blog, advice on how to grow a blog audience, what a blog can do for you, what a blog can do for your business, etc. Occasionally, I will also discuss Facebook for non-profits, Twitter for non-profits, and just social media for non profits.

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Ultimately, Beta Motivation is an inspirational video blog to get motivated to do work that matters. It's a place to find encouragement to live with purpose. To do the important things in life (not just the urgent, popular, or convenient things). Come visit at http://www.betamotivation.com/category/blogging
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