On WK 15's weigh in we talk about how much weight I've lost and 12 things no one tells you about weight loss.

WK 14: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oReUOKfJDmU

How to break a weight loss plateau: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n_RFHfJ6vcg

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19 Responses to 12 Things No One Tells You About Losing Weight | Weight Loss Journey WK 15 Weekly Weigh In

  • Thana Raminta says:

    omg this helped me so so much, thank you

  • Zonko Videos says:

    I love you and thank you

  • Mi Mo says:

    People will also forget their manners and ask bold questions. "How many pounds did you lose? How much do you weigh?" Please don't ask a woman how much she weighs, no matter how big or small (unless you are her doctor).

  • SalvaPride says:

    I was going to subscribe until I noticed that I already am subscribed. It was this video that made me subscribe in the first place haha

  • Lola Cruz says:

    I loveee the intro lol!!!!

  • Alejandra Sanchez says:

    so i lost 4 pounds and my friends told me i actualy look fatter :((

  • guguculata Hangula says:

    I really admire your spirit, I m also on a goal of losing 75 pounds, I was 247 and down to the 230 gain back 😢😢😢

  • Ruby View says:

    Thankyou, great video

  • Heather Lavigne says:

    Thank youuuuu I needed this!

  • Jenna Klyn says:

    People are callimg me anorexic because I say no to chips at partys. So annoying!… Also anorexia isn't something to joke about and it really bothers me when people make fun of serious sfuff because that disease ruined someone's life.

  • teegan xxx says:

    Why does she remind me of sadness from inside out

  • Marie's curls says:

    wow you're amazing! thank you so much !! <3

  • Laura Solorzano says:

    this video helped me out sooo much!!!! THANK YOU

  • Toni Goode says:

    I love this so much, thank you for making this. Im on a weight loss journey as well, im down 40 lbs and i feel great but i still have about 50 more to go. I really really love this though, love the honesty!

  • Nikka Desegano says:

    Gosh I Iike you already def wish to see more of you, keep it real and good luck

  • Acid001 says:

    I started my journey 2 months ago. I did it for me, and don't really care about others think about it. They can either like it, or shove it. I'm DONE being heavy. I have dropped 55 pounds so far, and have about 200 more to go before my goal weight of 215. I'm 6'5 so 215 is a good number to shoot for.

    Keep up the good work. It's for your health and your own benefits. If no one else cares, it doesn't matter.

  • CharLotte Mund says:

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  • Lindsay Bozeman says:

    While losing weight I found out how important tracking your nutrition is after my hair began to thin, I was having heart palpitations, digestive issues and I would suffer from terrible headaches. Gotta eat those nutritionally dense foods and load up on fiber.

  • Brianna Howard says:

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