2 Simple Ways to Find New Blog Topics | Find Popular Blog Ideas!

You are going to run out of topics to blog on.
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If you aren't sure on what to blog on, you can do 2 things.

Step 1: Go to Buzzsumo.com and type in keywords related to your space. Buzzsumo will show you what's popular. It sorts the results based on recency and social shares.

If you write something that is similar and more detailed, the chances are it will do well on your website too. Why? Because if something did well on a competitor's blog it probably would do well on your blog.

Step 2: Head to Quora and type in keywords from your space. Quora shows you all of the popular questions people have within your space.

Consider writing blog posts that focus on any one of those questions. You can then write a really in-depth blog post around that question.

By doing this you'll see that your blog will generate traffic. If a lot of people have a burning question and you answer it, naturally people will Google the question and eventually land on your blog.

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13 Responses to 2 Simple Ways to Find New Blog Topics | Find Popular Blog Ideas!

  • Rezik Noel Justin says:

    Hi Joy, your video really helped alot. Am still having difficulties though. Trying to decision what to start blogging about…my mind is scattered! Please help


    Hello good evening am honest thankGod my problem is that i don't even know were to start i dont have anything yet can u help me with create one for me pls

  • Abhishek Rajput says:

    hey Neil were you find idea/inspiration to write articles daily.

  • Harry potter unboxing says:

    hey Neil is their another payment option rather than credit card to pay for you course and trial

  • Mikey Moran says:

    Great tips! I was running out of subjects.

  • Dave Anthony says:

    Great advice as usual Neil. Love your videos, always useful info. 👍

  • Abhishek yadav says:

    were all these videos in which you're wearing this jacket shot on the same day? loving these videos though, thanks! 🙂

  • Deeba Sameer says:

    Hi Neil,

    I am your new follower. I knew about you but I have no idea where do I start learning marketing from. Every morning I wake to start a fresh and start learning basics and advanced SEO techniques but end up just browsing overloaded information on internet, get frustrated and just turn off my computer. I do feel like crying and I desperately need help, I like you and your ideas which are bang on! Any type of help atleast to start with…I want to start ranking for my boss website and start testing things and get traffic and see how it goes and learn and grow. I know this got too long but atleast I know you read and respond.


  • Papp Sebastian Georgian says:

    buzzsumo is great but a little bit expensive.

  • Prasanth says:

    Nice Quick Info Neil! Thank You For this video bro!

  • Farhan Sheikh Ahmad says:

    you just gave a simplest solution of what i thought is one of the major question-mark in my blogging…
    just saw a volume topic keywords !


    always useful waiting for seminar in mumbai 💙

  • Gunjan Bansal says:

    Such a wonderful channel.this is…wow Neil, Thanks 😊



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