Beebz and Her Money Makers was one of the first bands that I met at the kick-off party. They were just wonderful to meet from the start. As Beebz mentions in the interview, they are working hard on everything from comics to a web series. Definitely check them out this summer on the Warped Tour. They put on a super fun show!

I know the audio is a bit funny but we were directly behind a stage 🙂

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Thanks for tuning in for our sixth video blog where we explain what lighting gear you'll need shoot your indie feature film. This is a how to guide for those film makers trying to make feature length films on truly independent budgets outside the Hollywood system.

If you're looking for a blueprint or template that will guide you through: the gear you'll need to shoot your independent film then this episode is for you. We'll walk you through our gear and the equipment we think you'll need to follow in our footsteps - or not if we think you can make a better purchase than what we did.

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Follow along as the Happy Wasteland Studios Team works their way through preproduction on their second truly independent film project. The estimated budget is well below the "micro independent film industry standard" budget of ,000, but through creativity, planning, and a desire to make this dream a reality the team will walk you through how they made it all happen.

What happens when the opportunity of a lifetime means abandoning your lifelong friend as he goes off to war?

Heroes Don't Come Home is a story about two boys named Tim and Jake. They grew up together in small town New England. When two planes hit the World Trade Center both of them vow to join the U.S. Marines. Plans go awry and they each embark on separate paths. Decades later, a series of events forces both men back together. They are different men, changed men, and both learn just how difficult coming home from war can be.
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