I talk about five important things that I've always stuck to throughout the years of being a book blogger. Whether you're old or new to blogging, I hope you enjoy it!

Top 10 Favourite Books of 2017: https://youtu.be/GNtLRZhZ4z4

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6 Responses to 5 Important Things To Being a Book Blogger

  • Kyra Thomsen says:

    Great advice Jeann! Being honest and true to yourself are so important. Thank you for being an authentic person and a great book blogger xx

  • Girl About Library says:

    LOVE this video. I've had a book blog for a little while now, and I am hoping to be more consistent with posting in 2018. Love your points, especially that of being considerate. I absolutely agree with that. You can be respectful and critical at the same time.

  • Beautifully Bookish Bethany says:

    I love this! Really good advice. I don't have a problem giving negative reviews, but I do try to always discuss what I think is positive in a book as well because I think it's rare that something is really complete trash.

  • Stars and Embers says:

    Excellent video! Good on you for taking a crappy situation and speaking about it so well and making it a learning moment for you and other bloggers 🙂

  • Crescent Moon Reads says:

    This is such a great video for bloggers and really anyone who shares opinions online! Honesty and self love are so so so important in this hobby! Thank you Jeann!!

  • Bedtime Bookworm says:

    So many good tips and advice Jeann! Not that I’m surprised 😜 I definitely feel that reviews are for readers and NOT authors



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