Hey friends! YES, a blog makeover can really be this simple! For this demo, I am using a template from my design shop, http://www.envye.com. I made these templates really easy for anybody to...
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9 Responses to 5 MINUTE BLOG MAKEOVER using an Envye Blogger Template

  • Martu Mgʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔ says:

    Soy Argentina No EnTiendo..

  • Reilly Shine says:

    Do I have to pay for this?

  • crazyalice2312915 says:

    Are your templates free? 

  • The Blog Beautician says:

    In keeping with the launch of my own new blog design at
    http://www.thewonderforest.com, here is a simple way to get a 5 MINUTE BLOG
    MAKEOVER with one of my templates ;)

  • Reed Elizabeth says:

    Ugh! I want one of those Templates so much ;( (Can’t afford) 

  • Ibrahim Douh says:

    Thanks for your video !
    please i want to to know how to post different articles in different

  • Charlotte Wagstaff says:

    What theme is this one?

  • Joana Fernandes says:

    Hello 🙂 Could you tell me the name of the font you used to make your
    header? Love you, bye :D

  • The Blog Beautician says:

    @poppys Page I’m sorry I have no idea why I can’t reply to “linked
    comments” on YouTube directly. To answer your question though, yes you can
    still move everything around in the sidebar/footer. You cannot change the
    overall layout though (i.e. make a sidebar positioned on the opposite side)
    without adjusting a bunch of elements in the CSS as the template is made in
    a specific layout and doing so would break it.



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