In today's video we're covering all things blogging! Blogging is quite a popular profession and hobby now SO we thought it was essential to give you our top 5 tips before starting a blog and making sure you're hosting exactly what you want, from your site host, your style, and your content! It is very important to have strategy when it comes to your blog to make it unique and personal, check out 5 tips to learn how! Make sure to subscribe for more videos just like this one!


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I'm starting to get asked a ton about how to how to start a blog so I thought I'd just make a quick video about it. This video includes my top tips for starting a blog or making your blog even better or more fun which is the real goal of blogging...I think.

Watch the video to find out the tips that I've learned through my humble experience blogging. I'm sure there are many more things I'm missing that could be helpful and have worked for other people, but again I'm simply sharing my own experience of what has worked for me.

If you know someone who has a blog or wants to and you think this video would be helpful to them send it their way. Or tweet the below quote I quoted in this video.

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16 Responses to 5 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Starting A Blog!

  • JustDTV says:

    Great video, I subscribed.:)

  • Katina Davenport says:

    I have found that having passion about a certain topic will lead you to your niche. Love your video.

  • Ysabel Francis Velásquez says:

    Hi Katie, Im a Health Journalist, womens motivación author and student Of sexology from Venezuela, I wrote In spanish 🙂 check my Instagram @ysabelvel and blog

  • ByBeckCR says:

    great tips! I definitely need to work my procrastination issue :s

  • rae henderson says:

    this was inspiring and helpful..I have been wanting to blog for a year and am nervous but feel like it's time to press start on this journey thank you !

  • Brianne Hardcastle says:

    Thank you for this!! I absolutely love what you had to say. Especially "Someone else's success is not your failure."

  • ShortGirlSam says:

    Love this!! So helpful! I'm going to go stalk my Tumblr to see what I revlon the most

  • It'sMeMya says:

    This gave me a lot of tips that are going to be helpful for my youtube channel. Thanks so much for uploading this it really helped <3

  • Seleentje94 says:

    Thank you so much for the info! I just started a blog about moving abroad and you just gave me the idea and inspiration to make the content broader and a lot more fun! You are definately am expert on the passion department. The way you speak is very motivating!

  • Shelby Creed says:

    Thank you. This was a great video. Very inspiring and helpful. I will send it to you…promise. Still getting started.

  • thechar_way says:

    This was very inspiring and genuine 😀 I'm working on getting my channel up and running in the next few months. thank you for the tips 😀

  • shahrukh sajid butt says:

    i need to know about blog and how to get traffic to the websites

  • Sofia Aslamzadeh says:

    Thanks for the tips! Really enjoyed your video:)

  • Tali Shlaf says:

    I love this video. "What do you do when you find a new blogger you love? You stalk their first blog post, etc"…literally did this on your blog like an hour ago

  • Alyssa Baches says:

    Great questions I'll take some time think these thirdly.

  • AggieG says:

    These are really great questions and great for us to think about how we would answer them. I made a blog years ago when there wasn't much information and have since stopped blogging. I miss it but when I get back into it I want to have a better understanding of the logistics of this versus just jumping in there like I did last time and now I cant relate to that anymore. Thank you and greetings form Phx, AZ



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