I often get asked how to set up a blog, and so I've put together 5 of my top tips to help you get your blog up and running! If you have a blog, what are your top tips? Comment below...

Lots of love Madeleine x


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9 Responses to 5 Tips for Setting Up a Blog | Madeleine Shaw

  • Samantha Wheeldon says:

    Great tips! I'm just working on starting my own blog so this is very helpful. Thank you ❤️

  • Marta Zugaro says:

    I am just thinking to start my own blog, I have read couple of books, but thank you for sharing your tips with us!!!

  • Georgie Beauxoxo says:

    Brilliant tips! I think it's best to always create the content you are passionate about so you create a blog you yourself want to read xo

  • Kat Horrocks says:

    Love this! Everything you said is so true :)

  • Carly De La Salle says:

    Do you have an agent?

  • Camille Provins says:

    Amazing tips ?? However I'm still wondering on what site to start? I'm always wondering that. I really want to start one but I can't find any. Help please? ?

  • Katie White - Journey to Slimland says:

    It's such grate timing that you put these tips on, thanks!! I'm trying to get healthy and so have decided to make a website, YouTube channel and twitter feed so that all my family and friends can support me. I've been working on it all week (but planning for ages) and my website is almost ready. I have a page about online support and wanted to include your website. It's all completely complimentary but I wanted to make an effort to check with you.
    It's all called Journey to Slimland and my twitter and YouTube accounts are already set up if you want to have a look. Thanks so much for all your help and hope you are happy for me to recommend you to my friends.
    Many thanks,
    Katie White

  • Lucy Bateman says:

    I recently brought your cookbook,get the glow, however I've made many attempts at different recipes;seedy energy bar,quinoa bread ect and not one has worked,most of the ingredients are expensive anyway so to find that having to throw half of them in the bin is disappointing,I slightly regret buying the book however I hope some of the other recipes will work.

  • Sasha Cohen-King says:

    you have such good vibess



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