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Confused AF about which blogging platform is the best? We're here to help. In this video, we break down the 6 best and show you who they are best for.

Some blogging sites may feel better on your wallet, but many aren’t ideal if you plan to monetize your blog. The best blogging platforms to make money are going to differ greatly from the free options. A comparison and a deeper understanding of the topic will help you choose the best blogging platform for you.

It’s very important to begin with the end in mind when you start the process of choosing the best blogging platform.

We'll also discuss what a blogging platform IS and more specifically, how it differs from blog hosting (because you need both).

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    I'm becoming a fan of yours! I truly learn from what you share and I am appreciative of the fact that you share so much. Thank you. I have subscribed and I will keep watching!!

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    Hey Alex I am interested to buy your course I have one question if we start blogging and every day we produce 2-3 valuable post (because I have content writer team) how much take time to make $100/day using your method I know its take time but how much estimate.

  • Anonymous Fashion says:

    Alex what advice would you recommend to someone who wanted to blog anonymously?

  • Today What Happened With Me says:

    I want to buy Pinterest Traffic Avalanche package from the create and go blog. Should I take it, is it fake?

    Because I belong to a very poor family and I have saved my savings to take it. Please give authentic reply.

    Please … tell …

    looking forward to hearing from you …

  • Susan Lopez says:

    I'm super excited about starting up a blog to generate income from home. May I ask what LMS you use for your courses?

  • Curly Bella says:

    I want to start a Natural Hair Blog what would you recommend for free?

  • Ashley Shell says:

    I wanted to start a blog about my personal health and fitness routines, but I am not a certified trainer. It is something I am willing to invest in, however, I am very eager to start a blog. Should I become certified before I start my blog or is it something I can invest in along the way.

  • c_greq says:

    What do you think about Steemit platform for bloggers?

  • Today What Happened With Me says:

    Hello, Sir,

    My question was with PTA that my blog is new, so what social media plugin can I use – Social Media warfare or Social Pug.

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    thank you so much for the information, I found exactly which platform would work best for me

  • Harley Cran says:

    Hi Alex, I have one question which is stressing me a bit. I'm living in the UK so naturally, I've added UK Amazon affiliate links onto my website. I get most of my traffic from Pinterest and it's about 40% American traffic, 20-25% British and the rest is all over. I'm wondering whether I should change my affiliate links to ones rather than Does it even matter and can I actually do it here?

  • Rides WithWind says:

    Thank you for all the great info and the inspiration. You made me remember my long lost blog..time to return:) aloha:)

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    Hey there,
    your site Avocadu has lost 300k visitors according to
    Was this because of the Google penalty in august or what?

  • Create and Go says:

    Yooooo! We're back with another video today on the 6 best blogging platforms. Here's the article we are covering: Plus, here's our article on how to start a WordPress blog today for those of you ready to get going:



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