Have you ever wondered what popular bloggers do that you don't? Well, knowing how to be a great blogging storyteller to engage readers is one of the most effective blog writing techniques you can learn.
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Are you tired of writing content that no one is reading? Well if you follow these 7 steps, people will start reading and sharing your content.

Step 1: Write with the words "you" and "I". It makes the reader feel like you are having a conversation with them, which causes them to read more. This is a popular blog writing technique as this type of storytelling connects with readers.

Step 2: Your paragraphs can't be more than 5 or 6 lines. Long paragraphs seem overwhelming which discourages people from reading.

Step 3: Use sub-headings. Sub-headings make your content easier to skim. But, great bloggers know how to tell stories with their subheadings. This helps to engage readers by drawing them into your blog content.

Step 4: Write a conclusion. By having a conclusion people will know what your blog post is about. Many readers scroll down, read the conclusion first and then the rest of the blog post.

Step 5: Cite your facts. When you are using facts, make sure you cite them. If you don't you won't build credibility, which means your readers won't trust you.

Step 6: Use pictures. Popular bloggers know that a picture says 1000 words. So why not use images to convey your message.

Step 7: Write thorough/actionable content. If people gain value from your blog they will come back for more. If you are writing fluff, readers will bounce off your site and never come back.

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5 Responses to 7 Blogging Tips That Will Make Your Blog Successful (Storytelling Techniques)

  • Abhishek Rajput says:

    hey Neil I have heard you have learned digital marketing should I study it is it a good carrier option plzz help

  • Buklen says:

    I love how stuff works, their articles and podcasts are so informative and actionable. They also throw in a bit of humor to keep you from navigating away.

  • Thelma Lyles says:


  • Sarah Jack says:

    Such a good video, I watch these videos every day and each day several times. The videos are short and straight to the point

  • shubham yadav says:

    It's so great that you are interacting with your audience. I understand how busy it can get working in this field. The Work From Home term can seem lucrative to some people but it takes real work. Apart from that, I can assure you guys that Digital Marketing is much more fun and satisfying than engineering ; P



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