In this tutorial i' m gonna show you to create a complete business website in WordPress..
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  • MNC Globle says:

    Hello Ritu,
    Really helpful video but I was trying the same by making a website but the customizr theme shows the header and footer but the slider and body does show.
    If you can help me with the issue.
    I am on WP4.1

  • trevor prince says:

    +Rabien Dunzar you can change the colour of the top bar by adding some custom CSS – as I have done here –  – Thank you +ritu sachdev for a superb & helpfull video – 5/5 from me

  • BINU ISSAC says:

    great  work mam..Can I remove the "Design by Themes & Co." from the footer, and how? Thank you.

  • Larry Banzon says:

    Thank you so much for this helpful tutorial, i just have a question how do u activate the featured image in post? I put a featured image in my post but it didnt work :'(

  • deepak kumar says:

    audio is poor :(

  • Colin Booth says:

    Your video is brilliant, learnt so much from you.  How do I create and customise a good footer in wordpress?

  • manJu E says:

    i like it whn u say Learn Along With Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !! 

  • Murali Krishnan says:

    Hi Mam. Nice Tutorial on customizr theme. I have a doubt. How to remove "Designed by Themes & Co" in the footer

  • Corporate Caterpillar says:

    Thank you so much for this tutorial! You saved my life and helped me build my websites beautifully! 🙂
    Checkout my products so far: and I'm still working on them but as you can see both of them are beautiful because of your help! :)

  • Bhasky Kana (A9RADIO) says:

    Ritu, Thanks for the awesome tutorial, Is that anyway that i can remove the top white space header just above the slides?

  • How to Start A Blog says:

    Thats a pretty cool theme, I might give a try for one of my blogs.

  • Bimal Das says:

    Hi, I can't see the home button written on my main page, how to get that home button in menu? Thank you for this tutorial :-)

  • jitendra bansal says:

    The video is really really helpful. Thanks

  • myko158 says:

    the customizr theme is brilliant, however i have an issue with adding a widget or additional text to the front page. any ideas how to deal with it ?

  • Virginia “Kathy” Wills says:

    If you create the Blog page the way it was done in this video, all of your posts will have to have the category Blog. It is better to create a page called Blog for all of the posts to go on. Go to Settings>Reading and choose Static Page then select the page that will be the Home Page and the page that will be the Blog page.

  • janaka de silva says:

    Thanks for this. Is there a way to reduce the height of the menu as it takes lot of space on the top of the page. if you can help please….

  • Pinky Blu says:

    This is an excellent tutorial.  Thank you so much for taking the time to do this.  It has really helped me as I see it has several others.  Great job!

  • Tammy Gilden says:

    Hi I would like to add text to a page that has a slider or add a slider to any page in my site on customizr.  Do you have a tutorial about this?

  • Brendan Mace says:

    Liked this video a lot, going to watch it again later

  • salekin khan says:

    don't show the social links in my web page… :(, now what can I do?



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