The main reason I made this is just to hopefully to stop people focusing so much on tips, trick and hints when in reality as long as you're doing something y...

13 Responses to “Advice” for New Bloggers – Lily Melrose

  • Sarah Suarez says:

    Thanks for coraging me to follow my dreams of sharing myself to people and
    helping people your awesome and I hope you can see my vlog soon thanks and
    your awesome!!!!

  • Nicole Ditter says:

    I loved the video! What is the best way to get your blog noticed?

  • Katie McCullough says:

    i have a blog but i only blog when i feel the photos are good enough (by my
    standards) otherwise im not going to post things that i really dont care
    about just so i can blog every day and put content out whether it be
    amazing or average because i always look back and if i know i will not want
    to read it or look at how there was no effort put into it i know others
    wont either i only have 4 followers but i cherish those followers because
    they comment and look at my photos when they dont have to they choose to so
    my advice would be to appreciate the people who do follow your blog even if
    its only 4 and dont give up

  • Lily says:
  • J V L I V S Photography says:

    I appreciate this video. I’ve been on the blogosphere since the days of
    MySpace. And when I finally found a blog that I could use, I’ve had it for
    years until I gotten into blogging consistently in recent months. It’s
    very rewarding, and the response was very encouraging to say the least. I
    have two Tumblr accounts, one for fun, the other solely to advertise my
    photography, and WordPress, to document the goings-on of my everyday life.
    And with the convenience of my iPhone, I’ve been at it non-stop since this
    year began! And whether I got feedback or not, just seeing the progress
    that I’ve made this first quarter of 2014 has spoken volumes louder than I
    can imagine.


  • Lichtess says:

    Thank you very much! :)

  • Georgia Rose says:

    Please can everyone go and check out my new post on blogger and comment you
    opinions and stuff it’s bruisesandbathbombs please take a look 

  • nightwalkerr says:

    So inspired now! Loved this and love you, Lily! ♥ 

  • sherlyn young says:

    Girl, this is so, so, so, so, truuuuueeee

  • Michelle Adams says:

    Great advice

  • KreativLEE says:

    That really is the best advice you can give, same goes for youtube 😀 

  • Michelle Adams says:
  • TheSleepingDragon100 says:

    Seeing this video having potentially the most amount of subscribers, i only
    want to comment on the bloggers, particularly those living in Singapore.
    Yep, even i am decimating the bloggers in my country, specifically at the
    female bloggers. In my opinion, female bloggers in Singapore are a bunch of
    cowards. They are all, “talk, but not action.” Hiding behind the computer
    screen, and showing off their hoo-haa. Just to name a few female bloggers
    in Singapore are Maybeline Sim, Chloe Choo, etc. I mean c’mon, just type
    the word, “singaporean bloggers”, on Google, and wha la, here they are.
    Female bloggers in Singapore are usually educated in NAPA (Nanyang Academy
    of Fine Arts), and Lasalle School of the Arts, since most do not intend to
    pursue their Academic pathline. So its only natural that through such Arts
    and Culture exposure, that these few female bloggers get their dating
    partners/boyfriends. Going further in, the next female Singaporean bloggers
    are Naomi Neo. There are so many more….



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