Another year kicks off with sunshine but the ground is flooded so I spend the time in the shed doing DIY. My new blog:

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See More Garden Goodies: - - - Today we are planting a butterfly garden in a section of our front yard berm. While we have thousands of flowers growing on our little half-acre property here in Brookfield, Wisconsin, we wanted to dedicate an area close to where common milkweed naturally grows. We’ve also added Swamp milkweed and orange Butterfly Weed seeds plus Wildflower Butterfly and Hummingbird Mix and Wildflower Aromatic Mix from Encap, a Wisconsin based Seed Company. We scattered them generously with the intent to have a dense area for a dramatic roadside display. We look forward to encouraging many pollinators including butterflies and hummingbirds to our Wisconsin Garden along their journey through our collective lives. – P.S. “Happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing women in the World."

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27 Responses to All About Wood | January (EP1/Y2) | Sean’s Allotment Garden (with Subtitles)

  • Debbie Boullion says:

    is it safe to plant tomatoes and peppers  I am in northern WI

  • JulV Wildcat says:

    When you said it was hot I thought to myself "Oh man it must have been hot" then you said it was almost 80 and I smiled and giggled. Oh I wish 80 was considered hot here. ☺ Then again you get snow and we do not. I wouldn't be able to handle your cold weather. I can't wait to see your flowers growing in the videos to come. I also planted sunflowers in my garden and I can't wait to see your variety of sunflowers grow.

  • SuperWoodyboy says:

    Started my Megellan Zinnias the other day..popping up already….should have mentioned that a heating cable under the seed flats make the germination so much faster!…..Looks like it's gonna be a fantastic summer for us this year!

  • Chris Dahl says:

    Carried away with seeds?!? Say it ain't so. lol!! And my wife thought I'm bad! (Still loling) But then again, you have the yard to put them all in. It's going to be awesomely beautiful!
    I want to see Richard dancing…no, not nude, just dancing as he plants.
    I first heard of National Nude Gardening Day from England. A naked lady gardener was videoed by her hubby as she gardened…in her greenhouse. And only from the shoulders up. Funny thing, the video kept starting & stopping and she was getting awfully flushed looking on the restarts. It was funny to watch. Wonder whatever happened to that channel?
    BTW, Happy Mothers Day, Lynn.

  • Kaho Fotyfar says:

    U guys r so funny:D. keep up this beautiful great job??

  • Kaho Fotyfar says:

    Hope u had a wonderful Happy Mother day to u Lynn :)

  • Jackie Horsley says:

    happy mother day to you to I hope you had a good one I know I did we went out to dinner my dad took us and iam looking forword to seeing your butterfly garden to

  • Ann Thompson says:

    Great video for the butterflies !!

  • Kaho Fotyfar says:

    U guys r so funny , just let be to see ur CDs over and over again 🙂 have a beautiful fruitful season ??

  • Mindripper 1 says:

    Loving your videos! I live on the UK and moved out of my parents house and into my own home for the first time last year and I am currently doing up my own garden. I have always loved gardening so, although I have a small space for gardening in in desperate to make the most famous what I've got!

  • Tracey Cooper says:

    Very pretty yard you folks have there…….Tracey from Missouri

  • jvrt64 says:

    Thanks for sharing again Sean. I'm just touching 7 feet tall so I've had to raise my shed too, well worth doing for long term comfort.
    What's the secret to Geoffs parsnips? They're a wonderful size.
    Look forward to seeing the completed bench.

  • TheRniehaus says:

    Sean any one who loves cats as you do is an okay guy…I hope you have a prosperous growing year! And thanks for sharing. 

  • DJMovit says:

    Nice job. A little late but you could have put the smaller piece on the wall first and then rest the larger piece on it to keep the gap towards the bottom. If you didn't have it precut you could have measured up from the bottom and driven some screws into the studs to rest the larger board on it so you could attach it yourself. Just a little DIY trick when working by yourself. I have been down that road myself. Your sheds coming along!

  • SummerLynn88 says:

    Great progress Sean! Maybe you can host a big party in the beach hut when it's done. The Christmas party was great. Looking forward to Master Gardener Geoff's updates as well :)

  • Mike's Allotment says:

    This is by far the best update this year… :0)

    Like what your doing! It's got me thinking about my shed…

    Cheers Sean 

  • Titli's Busy Garden says:

    Did you wake up with that wood?

  • Ian Thompson says:

    Hi Sean, any chance you could put up a video on the subject of lighting the shed from a car battery.I`ve watched the video from Torquay allotments but it doesnt really explain in detail. Thanks.

  • Allotmental says:

    Nice parsnips Geoff!

  • hydrogroooooow says:

    Hi Sean have you ever grown ginger from a root brought from the super market ? If not give it a go I'm going to il let you know how I get on keep the vids coming 

  • Mariusz Jastrzembski says:


  • Kerry McCarpet says:

    Hey fellow TPVer! Love your channel! Am trying to get an allotment myself. x

  • eveny119 says:

    Nice to see your shed ideas. Im in the planning stages of a shed cottage for a summer vacation home. I had an idea for a bench bed for quests. I have a lot of  square pails (from kitty litter) that Ill use for the base (and storage) will put a 18"x 72" strip of wood for bench over top of them. Then use a sheet of plywood 3'x6' as a backrest. If I need a bed will put the plywood on top for a platform bed.

  • elzear wade says:

    rusty needs his own show

  • Backissue says:

    It sounds like you put sand in your soil.  There is a scritchy scratchy sound when your fork goes into the soil.  Is that one of your amendments?

  • Michelle Hanlon says:

    Such a happy kitty

  • Kylee Colquitt-Davidson says:

    just for future reference you really don't need to pre-drill pilot holes in particle board and or that 2×2 i would only do that for screwing into something with a width or a depth of an inch or less.



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