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In this video I share with you the 5 ways I am making money online, including:

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ABOUT ME: My name is Ann, and welcome to See Ann Save here on YouTube! I am a writer, blogger, vlogger, couponer, bargain hunter, Ebayer, Walt Disney World fanatic, and a Thirty-One independent consultant. I am also a “mom” to two pug dogs and a caregiver to my elderly dad.

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20 Responses to All of My Jobs: The TRUTH About Making Money Online (Kindle, Ebay, Blogging, YouTube)

  • Texas Gal Treasures says:

    Thanks for the great info!

  • Cindy Rogers says:

    Great vlog. Thanks for sharing how you make your money online. I'm so wanting to become a reseller but you have to spend money to make it lol I have over 900 items on Ebay (have been selling with Ebay on and off since 2006 I believe) but I surely must not be doing something right or my items aren't showing lol Perhaps they aren't unique and different enough and with all the competition, mine get knocked down to the bottom of page 100 or something lol But I keep trying. My full time job is self employed but I clean houses for a living and have done that for 15 years and sooooooooooooooooooooooo tired of doing it!!!!!

  • Christine Strauss says:

    Wow I'd no idea kindle was suffering like that. I will pray you can continue to work from home as long as you need to. My husband has a hobby farm plus works full time. he's going part time in the fall and getting his micro dairy up and running hopefully. I'm 100% disabled as in my PTSD and chronic migraine keeps me bedridden 20+ hours a day so I need him home. my big contribution is sitting in a lawn chair next to the calf pen and getting them used to people, their names and being petted so they're easier to handle when they grow up. Sometimes I can even sit in the vegetable garden and clean as he picks. Those are my good days. So we totally understand tight budgets and money worries along with the different limits that come with not only disability but age. I still say you're one bright lady and Tfs?

  • Pamala Meyer (PastelPriceless) says:

    Ann I recently started my own blog and Youtube Channel. You are right, it is a lot of work. More time consuming than anything else.
    I love your videos and your blog. You are doing great!

  • Maria Cisneros Toth says:

    I love and appreciate your honesty! You're absolutely right. It's tough selling a book especially novels. I know a lot of excellent writers who spend years writing and perfecting a novel only to have a few sales. But we love to write, so we keep on writing more books. You've actually done very well with your Kindle sales! I'm impressed. And I also took a break from eBay when the recession hit a few years ago. I've recently listed a few auctions for fun. It's nice that your dad helps you out. Good-luck with all of your jobs. You're an inspiration! :-)

  • chickenrotini says:

    How does it work when your books are "sold" through Kindle Unlimited? Do you still make the full sale price?

  • Jacob Woodring says:

    i'm trying super hard on doing an ebay part time business and it's super hard… not hard finding stuff, but it's hard pricing and then shipping. I lost money on two items so far. Any advice?

  • Sin City Picker says:

    I love your honesty!

  • calvinthedestroyer says:

    Here, see if you can find a youtube reviewer to do a review on your book/s, that may help bring awareness and revive sales.

  • Zetta Lewis says:

    You are certainly a breath of fresh air, Ann.  Today was my first time watching your videos. I love them. I am also about to have five jobs starting in July.  I currently work from home full-time, taking customer service telephone calls. There are tons of legitimate work at home jobs at these two websites. I've been working from home on and off for over six years. I wanted to share them with you and your readers. http://www.ratracerebellion.com  and http://www.workersonboard.com  Some are part-time and many of them are full time jobs. Wishing you the best of success with your various endeavors.

  • Catherine R says:

    Excellent "in the car" video. I actually see nothing wrong with doing your videos where ever you can find time and quiet. Home is often NOT the best place. I'm not looking to do the equivalent of a full time job with my part time jobs but am seeing this as at least a way to supplement my current income. Thank you for an honest and well presented analysis of how your businesses are doing. I'm newly subscribed as of today. Thank you for all the time you have to take to do these videos for your viewers. Take care, Catherine

  • Myeverydaywifelife says:

    Curious, when you file taxes do you file all your business separately or group them as one home business?

  • Scarlet Ryder says:

    I like this honest video.  I've subscribed and I'm going to check out your blog and Kindle books.  I'm glad I ran across your Youtube video, good luck with your future endeavors.

  • Numis Mm says:

    nice vid… do you clear 20k a year? living with Dad though must help, seems like you have a good relationship that you can stay with him

  • longun45 says:

    Put out updated books and call them 2.0 or revised.

  • ebaychick30 says:

    But are you really working 5 jobs? I see it more as sources of income and you seem to enjoy most (if not all of them). Everything runs in cycles. My goal is to have 8 streams. AZ, Kindle, Ebay, Blog, Consulting, J.O.B, real estate rental, ecommerce site. I actually have most of them up and running with AZ and AZ niche making the most right now. But to me its all about scale and staying nimble enough to pivot when changes occur. You're doing well though. Like your vids a lot.

  • Mocha Gypsy says:

    I hear writing fiction is where the money is! ;)

  • darnell mays says:

    I love your attitude and hope that everything picks up and continues to work out for you. When your juggling so many different avenues, I can imagine how difficult, how time consuming and stressful it can be. Of course it's fun when all is well and things are flowing at an accelerated pace, but I quess that's just the nature of the game, up and down like a rollercoaster ride with many surprising twists and turns in between. All of this kind of remind me of competitive sports, you don't know who's gonna win it all at the end, but you have pretty good idea because of the work that was put in. But, during the course of the season even the champions have had those bad moments. Keep your chin down and your dukes up, it'll work out.

  • TheVintageDiaries says:

    Great Video Ann, I have missed watching your videos!


    You should def begin automating some of these task :). I run 3 sites and that move 90% on automation, either I have things running it or people running it. free up your time to be more creative!!! 🙂 #Hugs



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