Are there any risks with diabetes during Pregnancy?

Diabetes in pregnancy is a risk factor, as it could affect the unborn baby. One should visit both the Gynaecologist and Diabetologist regularly in such a case. It is also important to keep the Blood Sugar or Diabetes in check during pregnancy and get regular check-ups done.

Listen to Dr. Kakoli Vijay Kumar, Obstetrician and Gynaecologist at Narayana Multispeciality Hospital, Howrah as she elaborates about the importance of care for diabetics during pregnancy.

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11 Responses to Are there any risks with diabetes during Pregnancy?

  • Joey Shofner says:

    great video! i've been a type one since 1983, the stories i could tell would create a great novel, if I only knew how to type,

  • FAY ALHARBI says:

    Im type 1 and im so happy I’ve seen your channel it’s like I’ve been looking for people who had diabetes longer than i have , it’s been 18 years now since i was diagnosed , I’m 23 years old now . I hop i get your feedback
    Love you jen .

  • squidgy black says:

    I have had t1 for 5 months. The last week it has really got me down. My life has always been spur of the moment, travelling abroad, working like a machine without eating. My personality has been rocked and I now have to be this plan everything person, I've thought about just laying down and giving up sometimes and this followed a load of other bad news. I know I've got to keep going and I have a lot to live for. I do stress about things and I didn't need the headspace taking up with this. I hope acceptance comes soon and I put a bit of concrete in my coffee and get on with it.

  • Will Willy says:

    I am a type 1 that is a mental basket case it has cost me my Job it has sent me to the hospital do to having diabetic ketoacidosis more than once . Who also failed to control my sugars with days of a team working on them . Then we got miss happy pants Jen Grieves up here telling her audience its 100% controllable . Well thats not true 100% horse noodles ! do the best you can . Don't let anyone kick you around and judge you . Especially non diabetic health care professionals and family members . They say they get it but they dont . Try youre best to ignore the ignorant people and have patience for the stupid . Love you all my finger poking brethren lol .

  • Mohamed says:

    I'm 15 years old and what makes me worried is the complications like nerve damage I don't stress about it because stress won't help but sometimes I can't control it even tho my blood sugars are good my a1c is usually 5.5

  • Stephanie Harville says:

    Your video has been selected for a research study exploring
    diabetes burnout. Analysis of the information provided in your video will be assessed
    for common themes shared with others who have videos on the same topic. No
    identifying information shared on the video will be used in the analysis.
    Findings from the study will be summarized so that specific information cannot
    be traced back to your video. If you would like your video to be excluded from
    the study or for more information about the study, please contact Samereh
    Abdoli, PhD, RN; sabdoli [at] utk [dot] edu

  • Jason Farnes says:

    I've got type 1 when I was 12 in 15 now I hate it it makes my life verry hard I hate it I am really bad at taking care for it I don't want people to know I have this because they Wil be mean about it I don't have a good home situation I feel terrible almost every day I notice I'm not the way I was chanches on my body my toes feel difrent my eyes are getting worse me legs hurt somethimes I really don't like my life like this and I am scare about what's going to happen to my body Its like I know I wil get problems with my body but I'm still hoping it won't happen

  • Dee says:

    hugs to you. wendy from canada. t1 since 1964🤗

  • A.S. Minor says:

    I am an avid #MentalHealthAwareness advocate and performer, and I love this so much. I travel the country trying to bring that awareness on stages, in classrooms, hospitals, and on my YouTube channel, so I get excited when I see other advocates. 💙❤

  • Sandy Smith says:

    I love your video, I have Type 2 diabetes, and mental health is very important, because it goes with diabetes. I've had this for almost 7 years, when I was diagnosed, I went into a depression. The anxiety around Type 2 is real, and others didn't get what I was going through the fear the uncertainty, it was horrible. Then two years after my diagnosis my mom passed away, who I adored and was my strength after my diagnosis, it's been a very rough road since, my eating became emotional eating. I had my diabetes in remission, last A1c's was 6.1, usually I'm in the 5's, gained some weight back I've been very hard on myself because of the weight gain, but It's the grief and not a lot of support at home, my husband has been through a tragic loss of his brother to. So the stress is pretty high. But I feel lost without my mom and sad. I miss her tremendously. Life can be pretty lonely without her. Your upbeat attitude is contagious. Your a sweetie.❤️Stay strong and stay in the fight.

  • Emilian Zaharia says:

    Thanks a lot
    Great insights
    Your amazing



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