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19 Responses to Autoblogging Software – The BEST Auto Blogging Software in Action!

  • Marketplace says:
  • Hazem Elbadry says:

    So sorry Jonathan Leger, I thought you are a good one, but now I’m sure you
    have stolen one dollar from me.

  • Hazem Elbadry says:

    My friend, the problem is all the articles in the lawyers category is about
    one topic “how can I choose a good lawyer”. They are all about this topic.
    If I try to get topics about arbitration, legal consultation, legal
    contracts ….. for example, there is nothing at all regarding this. It is
    just one topic in Lawyers Category.

  • Jonathan Leger says:

    Fake links? Are you kidding me? Everyone of those testimonials was
    user-submitted. Those links are their links from their own sites. Give me a
    break people. Get the facts before you start leaving comments.

  • AlexRaGeAHoLiC says:

    “fake” if you check the domains rank and content they are almost all sites
    without any traffic and rankings “dummy domains” i would say made for
    promoting purpose

  • welldoneministry says:

    What are you talking about? Anybody who knows John Ledger can reset assured
    he’s the real deal and he stands by his products. He’s been doing a
    full-time online business for many years and is one of the most respected
    vedors of these type of products hands down.

  • AlexRaGeAHoLiC says:

    Looks very nice but most of the links at your sales page reviews are fake
    now i don’t know if i should buy it or not 🙁

  • Antasy Mike says:

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  • Rexona khatun says:

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  • Josh Spaulding says:

    There are 100+ different niches that AB provides content on. If you chose
    the “Lawyers” category you get articles in that niche. I’m not sure what
    the problem is.

  • xBryboy says:

    How can links be fake?

  • Hazem Elbadry says:

    I recommend not buying this product or even pay 1 dollar in it. I have
    already paid one dollar in order to try it. I have already a law firm
    website and I wanted to add articles to the website. Whenever I try to get
    articles related to my keywords, it always gives me articles about how I
    can choose a good lawyer. All articles are related to to one topic which is
    how I can get a good lawyer. Although all of these articles are different
    in somehow from each other but they are all about one subject

  • Hazem Elbadry says:

    Of course, but until I get a reply from them, the trial period will finish
    and will not try it again. Believe me when I saw the name of Jonathan Leger
    on the website, I didn’t search a lot and I bought the product at one. I
    didn’t buy any product for Jonathan Ledger before and this is the first
    time for me. I know the man through his internet marketing websites maybe
    three years ago, but when the time came for me to buy something from him in
    my niche, I was shocked from the disappointed result.

  • Josh Spaulding says:

    Just contact the site owners and ask them. Jon is the real deal and Article
    Builder is probably the best IM product I’ve ever owned. He definitely has
    no need to show fake testimonials. Go ahead and contact a few of them.

  • Spook SEO says:

    This can work but not everybody can benefit from it. That is a slight
    downside to automation tools. You also have to check for quality. Because
    it is content we are talking here, it’s crucial to check for the quality,
    competence, and uniqueness of the content.

  • ram thakuri says:

    thanks a lot what you give the advaice for this video uselly we can do essy.

  • Josh Spaulding says:

    Have you put in a ticket for this? I haven’t used that category, but for
    those that I have used I get various angles within the niche.

  • Marketplace says:

    Hi Jonathan Leger Thanks on the best spinner and this software is nice nice
    nice programs

  • sabbir khan says:

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