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14 Responses to BabyBoo Blog: Creative Birthday Decorating Tips!

  • Bubly Amir says:

    You sound so nervous, I felt like you were going to break out crying at any
    moment lol. But nice tutorial!

  • Kelsey Burress says:

    U need a personality but cool

  • germanux15 says:

    She’s nearly crying8

  • Merly Velasquez says:

    Nice job

  • jagdeep brar says:

    this girls kids hav awsome b-days and they hav an awsome mom

  • Afsary Begum says:

    yaji gangadeen she did not make the balls

  • Sam Dawson says:

    hi there!!!! i loved your ideas! The butterfly was my favorite, i think I’m
    goin to make a few of those and leave them around in my room all year! i
    think that would be fun. i also loved the balls!!!!….. they are super
    cute!!! could you make a tutorial on how to do it?….thanks! keep smilin!

  • silverlight009 says:

    You sure are creative!! You are so pretty and thankyou! <3

  • Karin Alicia says:

    You sounds like you want to cry

  • SLaRee333 says:

    There is a tutorial on YouTube that shows you how to make the balls and it
    is sooooo easy. Never buy them if you can help it. A child that’s old
    enough to use scissors can make them, that’s how easy it is. All you need
    are paper, scissors, glue and string to hang it with. Look for the
    tutorial. I’m making some for a baby shower. And since you seem to be a
    creative and crafty person it should be no problem for you. :)

  • David Viramontes says:

    Awwwww!!!! Really? You’re married. That’s a shame ;)

  • MovieStarPlanet TV says:

    The pom poms beside you, did you make Them yourself?

  • Lauren Stremme says:

    +MovieStarPlanet TV no, she did not she said that she did not in the vid

  • Joleina Cordova says:

    Just show us and stop saying circles lol



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