As Nigeria passes tough anti-gay legislation, do the new laws reflect the wishes of public opinion? A gay man who ha...
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10 Responses to BBC World Have Your Say: Nigeria Anti-Gay Law / Blogging About Cancer

  • Rob J says:
  • Kwaku Baryeh says:

    I think the social worker has a point but at the same time she is being
    unreasonable. If a gay man asks u out and u aint gay…..just say no. I
    dont think they should be beaten. I dont think a gay guy asking you out
    should be considered as sexual harrasment if no force or threat is used.

    I would think men harassing women is a much much bigger problem.
    I am not for gay marriage and i dont support gay couples raising kids. But
    i feel they should not be stigmatized. 

  • Rolanda Mccatty says:

    You say your a human bin well if that the case act like one and find a wife
    to marry and have beautiful Childern with are everyone want to stay play
    dress up and house ! Be the men God called you to be and stop hiding behind
    feeling of selfishness !

  • acetvr6 says:

    Human rights should be respected. No matter where. No one wants to be
    treated as a second class citizen. African Americans fought to have equal
    rights in the U.S., they shouldn’t deny those different from them those
    same human rights in the African continent when they’re in power. Live and
    let live. No one is perfect.

  • Kwaku Baryeh says:

    I dont buy the U r born gay thing

  • Taddese Mezgebo says:

    do they really think they can stop people from being gay by law? Absurd it
    just tell you the politicians are not doing their job and this is how they
    kiss the public ass to stay in power. After all the idea is democratic
    republic …. notice the republic side with democratic side. Ignore the
    politics work on the public and show them there is no evil in being gay.
    The politicians after all just useless and they will repeat what the public
    say. Few years ago such law was passed in Ethiopia but we also have law
    against prostitution since time of immoral. It just stays in paper and is
    no value at all in the real world. But notice it will take longer time
    before such identity are respected, every thing is slow evolution and fight
    well. Focus on public and ignore the prostitute of ideas … they don’t
    matter at all. 

  • Olga Nedovic says:

    Raquel sweety, you are soooooo lesbian!! Admit it and your life will be so
    much easier! And Kwaku darling you dont know the basic meaning of word
    stigma, all you said was contradictory! I’m sooo shocked right now and
    can’t belive what i just heared, and I would never EVER give you a job of
    social worker sweet and sexy Raquel! All my love to all of you! :******

  • Tinuoye Oluwashayo says:

    It is really disappointing to hear the extent this has gone. I am
    personally disappointed in the social worker who technically should believe
    in human rights and still judges people based on their sexual orientation.
    I am also a social worker and I work for an organisation that envisions
    peace and for us, discriminating based on sexual orientation, religion,
    creed or anything whatsoever would not/NEVER bring us closer to achieving
    our vision. So as a social worker or even an human being you have no right
    to judge. You honestly in my perspective do not qualify to be called a
    social worker dear. Accept it! Everyone has the right to Live, Passing this
    law will not bring any change to the country either. My dear Social worker
    try to throw the box away next time and see things from different
    perspective and also try not to be contradictory.


    Homosexuality and Lesbianism has been made into a business, like the drug
    This would not be a subject if the Europeans never invaded Africa
    My stepfather was Nigerian before he passed recently, yet … My mother and
    he was divorce at the time — still, his death was unfortunate indeed. When
    it comes to Homosexuality and Lesbianism, religious beliefs need not apply
    — just the simple morals, principles and values of daily life is what’s
    needed, but these SIMPLE things of LIFE have been replaced with Western
    laws when the Europeans invaded the WORLD with their FILTH and UNDIGNIFIED
    ways of LIFE — Homosexuality and Lesbianism being the main ONES!
    Africans, American Indians, Aztecs and, Asians, didn’t know anything
    about this UNDIGNIFIED why of LIFE. It wasn’t until they were INVADED by
    the West … Men, women and children were Murdered and Raped, SODOMIZED
    and enslaved or whatever have YOU est. PEDOPHILES didn’t exist in these
    regions of the world and I must ADD, that, even the western world had no
    such uh THING, such as the Irish, who fought the CATHOLIC church TOOTH and
    NAIL, to the BLOODY end — it was these Europeans who traveled out of
    their country, who form the Greek and Roman Empires … They
    religiously, practice, sexual – personality – disorder to the highest
    degree — hence forth, Order out of Chaos or to be more precise …
    Organized Chaos is much more accurate. The Greeks who competed in the
    Olympics believed that, when they SODOMIZED a fellow athlete, that they
    will gain his strength — Homosexual and Lesbian orgies was in fact a
    religious custom practice by both groups that was a Pagan Ritual (BOHEMIAN
    GROVE ) to their devil god that gave them the power to conquer and TURN OUT
    those that they invaded MENTALLY, PHYSICALLY and most importantly —
    SPIRITUALLY! You just don’t conquer the LAND of those you invaded – but
    you must also CONQUER their MINDS by break them down spiritually … So
    … This is why we have only Europeans, and the counties they conquered
    remaining silent against such a LAW, because this bill goes against
    their demonic – freemasonry – luciferian god — the DEVIL! But still YET
    … we must leave religion out of this because they control all religious
    POWERS of the world that was created or taking over < ( The first Christians ) > by the BIGGEST SATANIST PEDOPHILES of all — the ….
    CATHOLIC CHURCH! …. We no longer hear of children being SODOMIZED, and
    Nuns getting PREGNANT by REPTILIAN priest because it’s covered up by the
    Media that they OWN —
    — By Napoleon Van Hardridge

  • kenny Chibuike says:

    To The Parliamentarian from Nigeria…Twas an AWESOME defense of the
    Anti-Gay Law! Thumbs up.

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