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22 Responses to Best Blog Sites Review – Discover The Best Blog Sites Now

  • Paul Hutchings says:
  • James Parsons says:

    The link is misspelled. But dont worry, Im not lazy so I went ahead and
    typed it all in …Great video Paul…

  • Paul Hutchings says:

    Thanks Joy! I’m excited too!

  • Joy Ruffen says:

    Hey Paul, Love your energy, in time hope to be one of your many twins, hope
    you have a sense of humor. Keep up the good work I enjoy listening to you.

  • Paul Hutchings says:

    Awesome Joy! Looking forward to that. and Yes… I LOVE to laugh. 🙂

  • Paul Hutchings says:

    Thanks Rodney.. I just started using a Cannon T4si… Love it!

  • Chris Hanson says:

    hey guys look at my new blog h tt p: // /
    without spaces

  • Paul Hutchings says:

    🙂 Thank you!

  • Joy Ruffen says:

    Thanks Paul, loved hearing about the good news coming with ENV2, can not

  • Tech.Muufin says:

    You love to clap.

  • Rodney Stokes says:

    Great video Paul! What kind of camera you use?

  • Paul Hutchings says:

    Thanks so much! Appreciate the heads up. 🙂

  • theguitarczar says:

    i’ve been shutdown on almost every free site due to political reasons. most
    people don’t want to believe things like this happen but that’s just
    because they don’t *want* to know. it happens.

  • valo mia says:

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  • Ashraful Islam says:

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  • John Smith says:

    Great video! from

  • glen graham says:

    Hi Paul has the blogging website came out yet

  • Sachin cheelad says:

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    from home. My lifesaver is CashMeZap. The coolest company on the internet!

  • John Smith says:

    Great video Paul! I made a Penis Enlargement Blog at

  • Daniel BerroaTV says:

    thank you for the information i appreciate the video but to be quiet honest
    i am simply disappointed to know that this is another one of those videos
    to get you to go to a website and then bombard you with misleading
    information in order to get a few desperate people to fall for it. 

  • Dave Marten says:

    Just write the fu**ing blog’s name here! Why play around with your
    marketing tactics, everyone knows you’re marketing your own product.

  • BabyCFashions says:

    HI paul! MY name is Carissa and Im 18 starting my own blogging website! I
    have a fashion channel on here and will in the future want to open a
    website for that but right now im in need of a website to blog my thoughts
    and advice to others! I have a deep explanation on life and different
    problems in life and I want a nice website for me to share things that
    might help others! If you can help me with answers! thanks paul, Carissa



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