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Just me sharing cool things I saw in the Ecommerce, Digital Marketing & Make Money Online Space this Week.

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I wanted to get a weekly list out to you guys that basically summarises all the cool stuff I saw. It will also include cool tools I use on a regular basis and me going on rants haha.

Let me know what you think and if this is something you want to see more of. I'd love to see more of you helping me add to this list or jumping on a live/youtube video to go over what you do!

Things I Chat About:

✅2 Cool Ecommerce Blogs posts I read - 1 on Product Sourcing Apps and the other about Abandoned Cart Recovery Tactics

✅2 Google Advertising Blogs I Heavily Rely on

✅Keywords everywhere - the Chrome extension every PPC advertiser needs

✅People that stood out - Lyndon Scott and his 100 Day Youtube Challenge. Go and support him in his channel -

Amanda Bond who is one of my favourite marketers out their. Her email I got this week was pure gold.

✅4 Must Read Books

✅Some of My Fave Tools - stuff that makes your life easier!

✅My Random Rant - Feeling uncomfortable and having unrealistic expectations

Feel free to drop some knowledge bombs of your own in this post 🚀.

I'll send out the list on Sunday once everyone has had a chance to contribute :).

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