Get your BeastMode ON at Review of Empower Network's ENv2 "Blog Beast" viral blogging system. Why this platform is going to change th...

3 Responses to Blog Beast Review [VERY COOL] ENv2 Viral Blogging System “BeastModeON”

  • jonochs says:
  • themikep100 says:

    my question is this. Why do I need to have a mobile blogging system? If I
    do however do need one, how do you set up h1 tags, itallics, links etc. I’m
    just interested in how all this will work with sep etc…

  • jonochs says:

    themikep100… You don’t need a mobile blogging system, but having one
    makes blogging super simple and convenient. You can shoot a video on your
    phone and in a couple clicks post a full blog post with that video on your
    blog. That’s just one feature of this new system. See the full demo I just
    posted on this channel. 🙂

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