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  • Renae Christine says:

    rofl. Your post is best read in your fabulous accent. Email me at my very
    personalist email judkinslv at gmail

  • Renae Christine says:

    Ha ha ha. I LOVE puns!

  • Tom Cote says:

    how you post a video every day – run your website / business – and take
    care of your kids and family is way beyond me…..I just don’t get it !

  • Renae Christine says:

    That’s my little secret. 🙂

  • Renae Christine says:

    Ew. That sounds so gross anyway. Lol about your blog. Sometimes I feel like
    people who email me are like that. I seriously made the mistake of
    accepting a chat with one of them once and regretted it for days.

  • Mara Gillott says:

    Get yourself to a Chiropractor!!! Hope you feel better soon! 🙂 Happy
    Birthday to your hubby! This one one area that I am really thankful I don’t
    have to struggle. People give the content to me and I just write about it.
    🙂 However I would like to start doing something besides only books and
    different book related content… it’s to come! (Maybe)

  • Andy Bradley says:

    Omg! Ok 2 things.. 1..! I woke up today with the exact same pain too.. And
    2..!! I shot pretty much the exact same video today like yours, creepy..!
    however i wont upload until friday.

  • Andy Bradley says:

    ohh so your going to take my collab virginity are you..! i shall have to
    ask my mother.. but in the mean time do you have some other form of contact
    like a telegram or pigeon or whatever people use these days..?

  • Renae Christine says:

    Nice! We must be on the same connection.

  • Philippine Outsourcers says:

    Nice video. Thanks for the ideas +Renae Christine!

  • Outsourcing Remote Staff says:

    Great post! I also have the same troubles in writing a blog. This one is a
    great aid :)

  • Elyssa Marie says:

    This video’s great! lol 



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