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25 Responses to Blogger Tips #01 | Intro to blogging & my blog story

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  • Bell0216 says:

    this might seem kinda creepy but i really like the way you speak. anyways,
    great video! i look forward to more of these videos 🙂

  • PBunnieP says:

    Hi Akiko, I don’t think I’m going to be trying the Skin79 snail bb anytime
    soon. From the swatches I’ve seen the colours aren’t that good and I’m too
    in love with my Mizon one right now. Don’t want to get anything that I
    won’t use. Just thought I’d let you know first.

  • Blah Blahh says:

    I’ve always wondered how old you are xD

  • Basia Andrea says:

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  • Sandile Nene says:

    Great video! You are an inspiration 🙂

  • randomchoice says:

    im starting my blogger account today

  • iversonk01 says:

    Do you make money at this or I really don’t understand blogging. I really
    am rather dumb about this and understanding but I am interested. Please help

  • PBunnieP says:

    You can make earning by becoming a YT partner and letting ads run in front
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  • Iddie Doll says:

    Thanks for this great video! I definitely learned a lot and I enjoyed your
    positive and upbeat take on blogging. Looking forward to reading your
    makeup reviews 🙂 🙂

  • jordi pollard says:

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  • Perla Tazi says:

    how do you make a blog?

  • Mike Burke JR says:

    Great Info! Keep up the good work!!

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  • Ash Keer says:

    Very informative, thank you 🙂

  • seekdestroy16 says:

    Do you find using Blogger is better than running just WordPress?. That’s
    what I noticed on your site.

  • Tally Turnip says:

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  • Paul Clegg says:

    love your vlog series and have promoted on my blog about blogging sighting
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  • LuxuriousSociety says:

    Tip the text is a little too hard to read but nice content tho :p

  • AaronH9111 says:

    Goodness you’re Cute 🙂

  • Vinegar .Comedy says:

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  • MissWinner!247 says:

    Thanks for the info! :)

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