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  • MONA IBRAHIM says:

    Thank you . I am a writer of many bloggers and in Squidoo and hub pages
    too. I would share some blogging tips with you in my blogger ( to be a
    blogger). Read more in my channel.

  • Brandon Parker - Geek Tutorials says:

    I get what your saying. but I think it also based on luck really I work
    hard doing what I do on my website and I put a lot of work into it you also
    fail to mention that it takes time for your blog to get noticed.

  • Patrick Isaac says:

    howtoplaybadmintonforbeginners*blogspot*jp/ (Change the asteris with a
    dot.) Can you check my blog and comment? I`m new to blogging and just
    started 2 days ago.

  • Mueyi9939 says:

    big mistake (describing to this guy)

  • Luqman Hakim says:

    Hey guys,check out Let me know your response

  • Lance says:

    My blog actually comes up quite often as #2-4 for specifics and even
    generics regarding my WP7 stuff and people always email me to say i usually
    lose interest in these things but this was good and makes me confident but
    scared to mess up?

  • theRealSZeal says:

  • Lisa Cash Hanson says:

    Umm please don’t wag your finger LOL. I do have a blog actually 2 and I
    couldn’t agree more. There are so many of the same tips floating around
    what helps people stand out is to let their OWN light shine.

  • supbrotv says:

    wanna see an example of blogging in 1996?watch mission impossible 1 :p

  • Daniel Oram says:

    hey everyone id love you guys to check out my bog i just started and trying
    to get some viewers! any feed back on my blog will be awesome!

  • Kimberly Hines says:

    check me out at

  • Rafal Chmiel says:

    2:17 – OK, OK, I am!

  • Faizan Habib says:

    my blog

  • Kowzorz says:

    I’ve noticed that everything I watch regularly on the internet has some
    element of personality to it. I watch this channel because I really like
    Chris’s personality. I mean, I’ve been watching him since his Call for Help
    days and I still watch his videos to this day, regardless of what the
    content is because of his personality. The same holds true to other things.
    I watch lets-plays of video games instead of playing myself because of the
    personality of the person playing.

  • MartyTheGamer says:


  • ThePineappleEater says:

    how do upload a vid every 2 min

  • Luqman Hakim says:

    thanks anyway for the tips stuff

  • Melinda Henderson says:

    …. fuckin’ nerd….

  • ralasinchains says:

    I have only been blogging since 2008 I feel so noobish D;

  • AuzBlogger says:

    hey please check out my new channel im just startring and need more subs
    plz sub and like and great video

  • yuud4i says:

    “I blogged before it was called Blogging” So Hipsterish 😀

  • Aaron Bryant says:

    I’d like to apologize to everybody on the Internet for my lack of
    personality. (but watch my youtube videos anyway.) I got to work on that.

  • Brandon Davis says:

    Unless your someone who is well known, blogging is now a better kickstart
    to being recognized for category-based knowledge rather than blogging. Just
    my opinion.

  • Real Pro Blogger says: I love Locker gnome. He give some good tips on

  • Chris Pirillo says:

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