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40 Minutes of your life that will never get back or a tutorial of how to get started with Blogspot.

How to Create a Successful Blog on Blogspot - Part-1 : Topic : How to Create a Blog in Blogger.:
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  • kshitij097 says:

    hmm good video!!!!!!!

  • Cristovam Cordeiro da Silva Silva says:
  • aksh says:

    subscribe my channel then i will subscribe your channel ……

  • Radu Ro says:

    Good video and great idea! I think I’ll finally listen to my ex-coo worker!
    Since the women started that work from home, she looks 200% happier!

  • Blogger | Seo | Adsense tips & tricks says:

    you sound like a tamilian. And like a teacher. Good work. informative!

  • Daniel Widdison says:

    nice work we enjoyed your accent too!

  • Navneet Mishra says:

    nice video
    have you any video tutorial on making money through youtube.

  • ravi sorout says:

    very good tutorial anna 

  • Zaid Niazi says:

    Very nice.

  • Rahul Rajavelu says:

    very useful ..!! Nice Video 

  • gamer champ says:

    nice work bro I am proud that you and me are Indian keep it up bro if
    you don’t mind just slightly improve Pronounciation

  • Iqbal Hassan says:

    nice post

  • Srinivasa char A V says:


  • Dharmendra Koppineni says:

    I like your effort. Liked Your work. Will follow you definetly

  • Ashwani Vikram says:

    I just saw your video above and I liked it very much. Its very simple,
    very fluent and easy to understand to newbie like me. Thank you very much

  • Nischay Namdev says:
    Click on the link above to create fantastic blog..

  • UCHE AJUBIGE says:
  • Elizabeth Grimmett says:

    I hate it that you can’t have multiple posts under one tab. I think Weebly
    is so much easier to use, but I really wanted more than 1 blog. Thank you
    for posting this!!

  • Georgia Lovell says:

    great video, thanks. btw you sound like owen wilson:’)

  • Edwin Barrientos says:

    Detailed screencast 20rhogue. I know there is much more you can cover that
    it will take time, but I think this is a great way to take the edge
    off using the tools provided.

  • Kamal Hossen says:

    Thank you its help me much

  • nidhan shrestha says:

    are you insane? Let me tell best platform its panxcash the best

  • jeremy acerbo says:

    totally worth it watching thanks … sir.

  • scrappy Queen says:

    Thank you so much so helpful i learned a lot you explained it so crystal
    clear. I am auditioning for a design team and they require a blog i know
    nothing about blogging so thank you so much!

  • Adam Khaled says:

    Thank you for this simple tutorial

  • Narendra Reddy says:

    sir please let me know,how to create pages if there is no drop down in page
    creation I’m searching since 2 months please let me know,Thankyou!!!!!

  • Anton Kudryashov says:

    Thanks a lot 😉 It’ll definitely help to create my new blog.

  • Almark says:

    You sir have saved me a real headache, all I wanted to do with blogger was
    a place to showcase my music and now I can see that it can be done. Google
    makes it awful confusing!

  • thushara liyanagamage says:

    Very good tutorial. I learned a lot. Great thank you.

  • canvasman34 says:

    “One picture is worth a thousand words” isn’t always correct, or at least
    isn’t enough. Great video, everything I needed to know to get my blog
    going. Thanks for the great job.

  • Mahmud Hasan says:

    Really, I got better…………..thanks

  • GladYouAsked says:

    Hello, Thank you for your video. I would have loved to had it when I
    first created my blog in 2011. was intuitive enough that I
    was able to manage on my own. However, I have an issue that I can’t

    My problem is, the Search Engine gadget quit all of a sudden. I’ve tried
    deleting and re-installing it, but to no avail. (Very strange, because the
    SE gadget works just fine on a second blog that I have.) For the moment,
    I’ve removed it completely and will try to reinstall in a few days. But,
    I’m wondering if you have any thoughts about what might be wrong.

    Thank you in advance for sharing your expertise.

  • Akantuka Lao says:

    Thank you sir!

  • KeyWestBluesX says:

    i want to have a blog with different pages or possibly it would be
    different blogs altogether–it says you are allowed 100 blogs so if i want
    a blog with information and links and pictures of geology hikes–but then
    other hikes that are mountain climbing–what do i do create a different
    blog from scratch? or do i create different pages. to me i dont see how to
    have multiple subjects except to have one giant page that runs on and on
    and one



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