Hello my quilting friends! Today I'm debating the bed sheet - can you make quilts from bed sheets? How about cheap fabric? What about the weird stuff - jeans, silk, wool, etc? Read more here: https://leahday.com/blogs/machinequilting/can-you-make-quilts-from-bed-sheets-quilting-friends-podcast-65

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18 Responses to Can You Make a Quilt from a Bed Sheet? Quilting Friends Podcast #65

  • dededexter says:

    I've made quilts (simple ones) with upholstery fabric. They are a little stiff at first but are great for weighted blankets. My husband favourite is one of my upholstery fabric quilts with a bed sheet backing and he has used for 15 plus years.

  • poormans sewing says:

    I have made lots of quilts from bed sheets it's all in the thread count

  • Kiva Karmen says:

    I used a bed sheet as a backing for a quilt I recently made. I used a King size Egyptian cotton that was on sale at Dirt Cheap for $6. The quilt is beautiful. I machined pieced and then hand quilted for a traditional look. I mean before the 20th century, the women used whatever they could find. This is why I like the Quilter's of Gee's Bend. The quilting snobs need to calm down. In the words of my favorite Quilting Marine on YouTube…"Remember it's only fabric and it's only thread. Enjoy yourself." If your quilt is not for a show, then it doesn't matter what is used.

  • Suzi SaintJames says:

    I don't know how she does it, but Jenny over at Missouri Star Quilt Company has a thing on her store where if the item is out of stock or coming soon that you can put in your email and get notified automatically when the item comes into stock. It would be great for you too. … It's like an extra step before pre-orders to get people in the loop to order. … Just thinking about your upcoming book launch… It might cut down on the inquiries about: "is it available yet?" ❤🌅🌵

  • Christine Capece says:

    FYI Leah, I recently pieced and longarmed a quilt made with flannel 10" precut squares, flannel backing and a flannel bed sheet (bought at a thrift store!) for the "batting"! I'm very pleased with it, it's quite cozy and I can't wait for it to get a little broken in!

  • Lyn Hanna says:

    I got a real deal on poly/cotton king sheet set. I pick the seams out then iron out the creases and use them for back for my quilts. I also take apart the pillows and these make great backs for baby quilts. I never knew there were fabric police, good thing I missed that one.

  • Suzi SaintJames says:

    I've been thinking about t-shirt quilts… And how it's great to remember your old t-shirt in a quilt, but always thought it was a shame to throw the rest away until today! I finally made the connection… Turn the rest of the remaining shirt into t-shirt yarn (2-inch strips of t-shirt naturally want to curl up into a nice yarn.) where you can knit or crochet or even braid it into a rug, placemat, cushions for kitchen chairs, tote bags… the only limit is your imagination! ❤🌅🌵

  • Denise King says:

    I really liked your thoughts on using multiple fabrics for quilts. One of my first quilts ever was using decorator samples, they were all different weights, colors and textures, it was beautiful! Hard to quilt but a great learning process.

  • Linda Gunter says:

    Your are so nice!

  • Claudia Lautenslager says:

    God Bless you Leah. My Grandmother and Aunt worked in a men wool suit factory, At the end of the day they would go thru the throw away boxes and take fabric for quilts. They used wool, sheet blankets for batting, and flannel for backing, I still have one of those quilts and have used it many times when it was really cold. I love it, and who cares what it was made from.

  • Mizpah Verdeprado says:

    Thanks for sharing this! I totally agree with you.. experimenting and not limiting the kinds of fabrics to use for quilting allows us to be more creative. I did my first quilt top a few months ago and the fabrics that I used were my husband’s old jeans and a cotton fabric from a thrift store (https://instagram.com/p/BbVpl6kDH_H/). I’m excited to start to quilt it, just waiting to purchase myself a quilting machine. The machine that I used to sew the top is my husband’s grandma’s vintage machine! The top is not perfect at all.. but hey, nothing should stop us from playing with fabrics and quilts or other crafts. 🤗

  • Marilyn Kolako says:

    Didn't know you crochet. That's 😎 cool

  • Marilyn Kolako says:


  • Marilyn Kolako says:

    Oh yeah..leah In own your way. You should

  • Marilyn Kolako says:

    Youre very talented Leah. That table runner is geoegeous

  • Tiffanee Noack says:

    As a longarm quilter for the public I totally understand the need for using bed sheets….in my opinion as long as it’s the same fabric (cotton) I say go for it. I’ve had several problems when the sheets aren’t square or they still have the turned edges. Just today I quilted a quilt top and the backing was a silky, stretchy bed sheet for the backing. It ended up being a bit of a hassle during the rolling process, but I managed to get the job done regardless. My other issue would be if you’ve spent lots of money AND time on a quilt top then why would you want to use a low thread count backing. BUT I understand when my clients might have to use bedsheets so I just try to educate them on the different qualities of the bed sheets. A lot of those who I’ve mentioned this to have been very grateful for my help.

  • Christine Groll says:

    I think that was awesome of you to share. I really appreciate your attitude towards choosing fabrics. Thanks 😊

  • Crystal-Jean Roat says:

    Truth!!! I love your perspectives! I started quilting because my MIL told me it wasn't possible to turn my t-shirts into a quilt because it wouldn't be stable. That was more than 20 years and 200 t-shirt quilts later! 90% of my customers request t-shirt/clothing/memory quilts and I do it! I've even put chunky sweaters in quilts, and it worked! After testing many interfacing options, my favorite is a woven fusible like Shape Flex.



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