My name is Fran, I was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer on Dec. 2nd 2010. I have been fighting cancer since then and decided I wanted to share my story with you.

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  • Sweatshop Songsmith says:

    Yo, you should google this: Can't re-post links here.

  • Alex Cocan says:

    Try pomegranates and grape seeds, they seem to be more powerful than chemo according to some studies.Good Luck!

  • am107me010 says:
    May Amma be with you. Good luck
    Nama sivaya

  • Jack Haley says:

    Good luck you can beat cancer

  • Paul Haggisman says:

    Great news on the remission, Fran. May it continue!

  • Rene Robertson says:

    please, please, please take Dandy Lion`s advice and check out curing cancer with cannabis oil…it definitely works. unfortunately my sister lost her battle with leukaemia before I even heard about cannabis oil as a potential cure. good luck!

  • Marie Jose says:

    I am on cannabis oil also tumor and polyps in colon. I m not goin to do chemo

  • John Doe says:



    How is she doing its 2013 

  • harinder says:

    should   medicines    continue   for  life  [   after   colon   cancer   is  cured ]  ?   please   please   please  favour   me  with  reply   —   thank  u

  • D Pell says:

    hey why don't you make your videos ten minutes long.
    I am watching because my mom has stage 4 rectal cancer and we are involved with sloan kettering and the chemo that you named was a chemo my mom has taken…

  • pj69sparkles says:

    She passed away in 2014, if you Google her name you can see the obituary.

  • Mamaw says:

    Me too honey <3



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