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6 Responses to Create A Year Of Blog Content In Just One Day

  • Andrea Jordan says:

    I love your blog! 

  • typecandi says:

    Genius! Thank you!!!!

  • Rebecca Claxton says:

    Brilliant idea Natalie, especially about asking your audience what their
    problems actually are (rather than just guessing) then giving them some
    answers to help! :)

  • Danielle Desjardins says:

    I love this video. I am a mom of 4 adult children (18 to 28 years old) and
    postpartum doula and I know a lot of the questions new moms ask all the
    time as I am on a Facebook page and I see all the posts repeating
    themselves daily. It gives me a lot of ideas:) Thank you:)

  • OfftoShambala says:

    I am really impressed with your vids. They are very well done, but they
    still retain that unique YouTube charm (vs. the kind of things typically
    found on television for eg.). The other thing I truly love, is that you
    always give web resources for outsourcing, tools etc. Very valuable.

    I think this advice could work well for many people, especially, those who
    are experienced and I wish I had some tips to contribute for creating a lot
    of content in one day, however…

    My best tip (for beginners and/or those doing almost everything on their
    own and doing written blogs) would be to give yourself complete focus (as
    much as possible) for 12 days to create 12 answers to people’s
    problems/needs etc. and then do four sub topics or organize the answers
    into 4 sections that relate to each one, so you would have four new blog
    posts for each week of the year done in 12 days. Very similar to editorial
    calendars used by magazines. Then take one day each month, before going to
    post, to edit them with fresh eyes (or work with an editor) and organize
    them on your web/blog page. Not as awesome as doing it all in one day, but
    for written work, I think this would help a beginning (or any) blogger to
    create better quality content. I say this, because when I was doing a lot
    of written work, my first projects were OK, but I can see how a process
    like this could have improved them and made everything I did more in line
    or consistent with eachother style wise. When I applied the editorial
    calendar concept, I was able to create better quality content. 

  • Adriana Lazar says:

    this was really nice! I can;t really use Elance because I blog in my mother
    language, but still, this was a really good advice!



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