Creating minimalist blog webdesign, Photoshop CS5 on Ubuntu 12.04. My website: Facebook: Twitter...

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  • tihujano says:

    the link doens’t work

  • Christopher McCann says:

    Hey Ryan, great to hear you’re thinking of owning your passion by striking
    out on your own. To straight up with you Ryan, you can absolutely learn
    everything you need to be a professional web designer online…ESPECIALLY
    if you already have the graphic design down. There are tons of free
    resources on how to learn HTML & CSS. My advice would be to master
    WordPress (fairly simple) then study up on HMTL & CSS. Google is your best
    friend at this point…. just depends on how bad you want it man!!

  • Ryan Cinch says:

    Hi there. My name is Ryan. I am a college Multimedia and Graphic Design
    Student. My dream is to run my own web design/graphic design business. My
    problem, my college is eliminating the web design classes that deal with
    website programming and focusing more on graphic design. Is it possible to
    teach myself HTML? More importantly, do I need to know code programming to
    be a professional web designer?

  • Joe Wilson says:

    Hey Chris! I just tried to go to your site and got an intrusion block from
    Norton. Showed as Mass Injection Website. You might want to check this out!

  • Christopher McCann says:

    Thanks for the heads up Joe! I had some out of date plugins that allowed
    some malware to get it :/ Got it fixed now though so everything is good to

  • ElliottRippin says:

    Will I be able to create my own website per say without having the
    wordpress in the url? and I’m looking at wordpress and it seems that its
    only good for blogging.. like not for an actual business website..

  • Shiva Prakash says:

    Niche is pronounced “neesh” not “nitch”.

  • LuminesStar says:

    when you mean you mean free as in no yearly fee or any fee at all?
    If so, wheres a walk through video on how to obtain this software?

  • Travis Bauman says:

    umm ok then how come your website link does not work?

  • CoruscantSunset says:

    Actually, this depends on where you live. Most Americans say “nitch”.
    Whether this is technically correct or incorrect doesn’t really matter
    because there are cultural elements at work and different cultures
    pronounce the same words different ways. You probably shouldn’t be so
    nit-picky about things that don’t matter at all.

  • webhostingsreview says:

    cool video guys

  • Christopher McCann says:

    Yepppp you are correct. In my opinion, WordPress is way easier to build
    sites with and Google definitely prefers WP sites.

  • Christopher McCann says:

    Glad to help!

  • Rani patel says:

    hey thanx a lot for thorough advise for begginers…as i m trying to lear
    photoshop….because first want to jump in visual design before coding
    etc…n goin pretty good in tht but came across wth ur ds vid…so pls
    suggest me wordpress or photoshop? as m very keen to become web desginer
    but like graphic or visual first….but not sure where to and what to start
    as m trying to creat even logo in photoshop also…but after watchin ur
    vid…got confuse n viewring so pls advinse what to do?

  • Goergebenson says:

    I was surprised you like wordpress so much. Everyone goes on about how easy
    it is. But I’ve spent the last week, going from knowing nothing about web
    design, to still knowing nothing. Its confusing as hell. It makes little
    logical sense. My friend used a drop and drag programme called and I’m
    going to scrap all my work on wordpress and move over to that. How can you
    say wordpress, is a drop and drag? I haven’t found that feature at all. If
    anything, its far from a drop and drag.

  • Christopher McCann says:

    True. However, the ease of use and stability of WordPress far outshines the
    latter mentioned platforms.

  • Rani patel says:

    hey thnx a lot chris for prompt n positiv response…it really cleared my
    vision as u wont believ since 1mnth was very fussy abt it n surely will
    follow ur advice …u knw to learnin isnt harder part but where,what n when
    to start off is really harder n whn u get good guide….u just move on full
    flaged so thnx again….

  • needs2know1 says:

    VOLUME CHECK!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jeremy Ingraham says:

    I get what this is going for, but I still feel that websites are much
    better done through actual code where you can have 100% complete control
    over every little detail that goes into a website… Yes, it takes a bit
    longer than drag and drop, but I much rather put in the time to code a
    website than to drag and drop it… Just my opinion… I’m still gonna be
    using notepad++ and a browser to write my websites…

  • Kókai Patrik says:

    Creating minimalist blog webdesign!



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