Quick Tutorial on how to replace the standard blog layout with a PAGE using the POSTS, POST CAROUSEL and POST SLIDER modules from Beaver Builder to create different blog layouts ON A PAGE .

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One Day Website

We learn to transform our HTML layouts into layouts that use Blade! Blade is the templating engine that is part of Laravel. Blade has many uses, but the one we focus on today is a way to better organize our code.

With layouts we can set a default template that our project uses and then have all the code for our navigation, headers, titles, etc in only one place and not duplicated throughout our Laravel 5.2 application. This means that when fixing bugs, we only have to look in one place and fix it once to resolve the issue. Also when adding new features (such as the footer in this video) we only have to add it in one place and that new feature can be instantly propagated to every page that uses that layout.


Previous Video [Part 5.5]: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=czxuzH0kRHs
Next video [Part 7]: https://youtu.be/6MgZ11Rjlo0

Full Playlist for the "How to Build a Blog with Laravel" Series: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLwAKR305CRO-Q90J---jXVzbOd4CDRbVx

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How to install plugins for sublime text and Blade: https://youtu.be/FeuZtBdS20c

Download HTML/CSS Code for our Site: http://jacurt.us/laravel6


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17 Responses to Creating Interesting Blog Layouts With Beaver Builder Theme and Plugin

  • tony joe says:

    Hi, thank you for your tutorial, its really interesting, but am having some difficulty to display the layout the header is not displaying, but the content e.g Post Title for the blog is display after using the including @yield('content') in the main.blade.php and using @extends('main'), @section('content'), @endsection or @stop. only the Post Title is displaying But the header "welcome to my blog is not displaying, but i can can view everything in view the source code, can somebody help please. Thanks

  • Mārcis Akons says:

    tnx 🙂

  • Puneet Naik says:

    Good job man. need some assistance here… After 19:00 when i load my welcome.blade.php it shows a blank page, the about page is working fine though.

  • Servet Tas says:

    thanks for video but i want ask a question this link not opening when i visit this link asking username and pass can you show a way for me please ?
    Note: I found thanks again for this video.

  • 倪俊杰 says:

    Thanks for your share!

  • Aman Hyk says:

    Great tutorials, I wanna ask what sublime package lets convert ".container>.row>col-md-8" to <div class="container"><div class="row">…… ?

  • Max Victor Corrêa says:

    Very Nice! Congrats!

  • ÖMÜR UÇUM says:

    Hi, your tutorials is very helpful. But I try to use multiple yield in my main template and is not working. When I include the file it's working but with yield is not working. I'm using laravel 5.3. Is there any why to use it. Thanks

  • Sabin Sipai says:

    really awesome video.

  • Mohammad Shihab says:

    less talk more code that should be your motto

  • detiege guillaume says:

    before i used laravel, i i always worked with includes to not repeat stuff

  • Thomas McEvoy says:


  • Tammie O'Neal says:

    Thanks! Very helpful!

  • cdurch1 says:

    This was indeed very helpful, thank you for taking the time to go through it for us newbies. I found this site while trying to figure out why the Beaver Builder would not work on my blog page. I finally found out I had to go into Word Press settings>reading and deselect post pages. Finally I can now access the right hand toolbar to add in rows, modules etc.

  • Brian Gorman says:

    thank you so much – this helped me figure something out that i've been very frustrated with. really appreciate it!

  • Ted Rinshed says:

    I'd like to know how you start from the ground floor up? Where do I post my first blog post? I know how to do that with the native WordPress Blog setup but this is different. I don't have an archive of 10 or 20 posts to play with…I assume that most people do this post by post. Should I create 10 full pages of content articles (for example) and then make a Blog page by adding the 10 pages of articles? How are they linked together?

    How would you create a main menu of which the BLOG drops down into different Blog categories?

    Can I start creating full page content and have that linked up to the Blog page? I'd like to have more than one picture for a Blog article spaced out on a full page. is that a good way to build content?

    How do you create a Blog that includes the header,menu and footer like all the other pages on the website? I'd still want a call to action on the blog page and social share buttons for each post. I assume that this is outside the native WordPress blog. Are you just creating a single page and calling it Blog? What if I want to add a sidebar just for the top of the page?

  • Tina Marie Hilton says:

    Thanks so much! As a Beaver Builder newbie this was extremely helpful.

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