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18 Responses to Creative Writing Warm Up Tips | How To Improve Your Writing Writebynight Austin

  • smallpotatoes989 says:

    where is the jewish chick? and who the hell are u?

  • b75ax says:

    i like to masturbate before i start writing. Open up the playboy, read the
    articles in it and draw inspiration from that type of professional writing.

  • haruhiistnumber5 says:



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  • araneus1 says:

    Always appreciate your videos. Writing is a lonely business and the
    encouragement definitely helps.

  • cgnoodlepot says:

    My advice: Create a diary of your daily routines. If you are doing some
    project other than writing. Write a diary about it. It helps you to write,
    express yourself and figure out problems. Additional tip is to forget using
    the right spelling and grammar in your sentences. Just use bullet points to
    get your ideas out. Do this and it will have a snowball effect and writing
    becomes easy. I use a timeline in my diary which a sample you can see on my

  • ThisIsNotPictureTube says:

    we seriously havent had enough writing tips???

  • bathandwa lolwana says:

    You’re a genius : )

  • Senia Sun says:

    Believe me, there are never enough tips, you may not write(or you do), but
    there are those of us who do appreciate that they take the time to post

  • Space Monster Pictures says:

    I believe that consuming alcohol helps. I have heard that a lot of famous
    writers use this technique. In fact, some of them have written about that.
    I use a pen, so I don’t like your keyboard suggestion. I’m gonna smoke a
    fat bowl. Then I’m gonna think about writing. j/k 😉

  • rickrazz says:

    Thanks for sharing your tips. From the comments it appears a number of
    people who shouldn’t bother with writing because they can’t bring
    themselves to be serious about it. I just started into writing, I’m
    primarily an artist. However, when I’m working on art my mind wanders and I
    automatically begin to compose my fiction and solve story problems, writing
    blocks, etc. Takes just a few steps to the ‘puter, some typing and back to
    my art.

  • MsLabansen says:

    I sometimes warm up by starting a 10 minute timer and just write at the top
    of my head, without spell-checking and all, to the timer is out. I’m not
    allowed to think and plan what to write, and I don’t read it, I just save
    it and leave it for later. I love to read those short texts a few weeks or
    months later.

  • TRUTHBETOLD10 says:

    Mercury retrograde? Revist revise, mercury direct- new ideas flow easily.

  • iona407 says:

    thanks for the tips!!

  • Asagazfynest says:

    Thanks for the tips

  • UltimateGrobanite says:

    Said by a true non-writer.

  • MrDeathshred98 says:

    word to that

  • Kyle Wallace says:

    Why does every creative writing “tutorial” on youtube consist of people
    talking out of their ass? How about you pull up Microsoft Word and I dont
    know…actually fucking write something to demonstrate the shit that you
    are vomiting out of your ass? Just a thought.



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