181.2. Yikes!

14 Responses to Day 2 – Weight Loss Blog – 181.2

  • FridayKetchup says:

    I like the idea of little videos unedited or minimal editing more often.
    Remember you are not defined by numbers.
    You're doing this because you want to behave better, and feel better, not necessarily look better. You are beautiful at any size or shape.

  • SephoraJunkie71 says:

    Stay strong! You got this. Set mini rewards for every small goal reached. Whether it's a new makeup item, massage or clothing. Keep blogging because then you are held accountable for it. :). You're going to have some crap days, don't beat yourself up. Take a deep breath and know tomorrow is a new day.

  • T says:

    Love the video I'm gonna start vlogging myself during my fitness journey ?? good look and hopefully one day you'll come across the fit gentlemans vlog one of these days

  • danigirli1231 says:

    Hey Lana, I know you like your creamer but the serving size is a tablespoon, do that, and stevia in the raw if you like it sweet!

  • BettyDefined says:

    Girl I get it! It's specially hard when my friends want to go eat out every weekend and when my family gets together and makes Mexican food, I just look at them and be like "why,why, you know I'm on a diet"

  • Beth Burrell says:

    I totally get it! Got on the scale today and was 225. You can do it!

  • angie marquez says:

    lol your videos are great your bf seems like a really cool guy lol hes funny but keep it up baby steps

  • OhLaLa says:

    I weigh 190. I win ?

  • EliiiBee4 says:

    OMG I love that your doing these, I kinda sorta started my weight-loss journey too and its hard but I have to do it. I started with a physical to know where my cholesterol and all that good stuff is at and we'll the numbers scared me so I really really have to do this. Keep up the good work !!

  • GirlWith1Eye says:

    I put on a shitload of weight about a year ago. I only realised when I couldn't fit into some of my skimpier~ clothes anymore. I went on a shake diet for a month. I did Herballife. Essentially, three shakes a day and dinner. That's how I lost the initial weight. The way I see it, this got me into a routine and also shrunk my appetite. I tried the whole journaling buzz thereafter but to be honest, life got in the way. After the first month, I made a conscious effort to eat cleaner – cut white grains and sugar intake in half and now I'm at a comfortable weight. It's definitely a process. But stick with it! Been watching your videos for years, you're a great girl Lana and you got this shit down! Good luck X

  • mochajavalatte says:

    OOOOH GURRRRL I am on this SHIT with you!! I have been working on eating healthy food and just walking even 20 minutes a day. FUCK I'm tired of sweet potatoes (I replaced my carbs w/ sweet potatoes) but damn if it don't work. OKAY, LET'S GET IT.

  • Alaina Sheen says:

    I just started watching these and I feel like I'll probably watch all of them before lunch. They're hilarious so far. I blame mother nature aaaaaand grilled sammiches. And wine, I love wine.

  • Amit Golan says:

    You are so charming and beautiful!

  • Mira Mailander says:

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