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What I'm Wearing:
Day One: Travelling
Jumper: primark
Jeans: Topshop:

Day Two: Magic Kingdom
Tshirt: ASOS:
Shorts: Topshop:

Day Three Universal:
Belt: primark (old)

Stay tuned for Part Two! 🙂

DISCLAIMER: As a beauty blogger, I am very lucky to be sent beauty items from time to time. However any products that have been sent to me have been marked by a * and I have not been paid/compensated to feature any of the products in this video. They have been featured cause I do love them 🙂
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12 Responses to Disney Parks

  • dreaming lizzard says:

    Cheshire oaks is the best place ever! So is Florida 

  • Textnext says:

    I went last November and had tonnes of fun but I'm really sad watching this because it brings back so many great memories

  • Rochelle X says:

    I go in 2 weeks with my family! 

  • Rainbow Rose says:

    I wanted to buy a I phone 6 in Florida Apple Store when we go on holidays but I'm from the UK and if I buy a phone is the U.S. I don't know if that would be ok or if it would have any American features built in lol please help??

  • molly mcdermott says:

    I'm going on Friday for the 8th time I'm so excited! X

  • Raquel Amorim says:

    hi I'm planning on going next year, why did you guys hire a car?don't they have the disney transportation? x

  • Itty Bitty Family Blog says:

    you two are super cute! Love your videos.

  • LolaHasSwegg says:

    I'm going to DisneyWorld for Christmas and I'm really excited 🙂 Hope you had a great time in Orlando (Sorry, I only just started watching your vlogs)! The video was great, you earned a sub!

  • gamingking0514 says:

    I am excited to go to Florida soon i can't wait.

  • SoarinFanProductions says:

    Love this! Subbed 🙂 be great to see you on the channel and subbing back. Just started a vlog series for Disney vacations to cure the post-vacation blues!!

  • Jazz Fields says:

    You can Drive to Orlando

  • MakeupEmmiii says:

    What hotel did you stay at?? I missed it if you said it in the video haha!! :)



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